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Why It Is Important to Buy Your Drone from an Expert

by Richard Cochrane on May 25, 2014
Drone ExpertThere are plenty of products out there that can be purchased anywhere and from any vendor. UAVs are not among them. Drones, even though the prices keep getting more affordable, can be significant investments. If you’re planning to use one for capturing professional quality video and photos, you have even more reasons to seek out an expert. Here are some of the reasons that you’ll want to get your multirotor from someone who knows more about drones than how to market them.

With any purchase of professional quality equipment, you need to know that the person selling it has some real expertise so you can be sure you’re getting the right product. There’s always a potential pitfall when you go with someone who only does sales and who doesn’t really know their products.

If you go with a vendor who uses the products that you’re buying, you can be sure that they’ll know the limitations and capabilities of each. If you’re a professional filmmaker, for instance, and you want a UAV for aerial shots, you’ll want to be talking to a salesperson who understands the differences in cameras, the capabilities of the helicams and so forth. When their expertise is real and based on experience, that salesperson can give you advice that you have good reason to rely on. 

Of course, people who actually use the products that they sell tend to have more of a connection with them, as well, and that means that they’ll be more likely to understand, at a visceral level, how actually using the various products they sell differs. If one particular type of UAV has a very long range and great GPS stabilization features, they’ll recommend it for tracking shots, simply because they know what it’s like to fly such a drone.

The world of sales can be amusing, simply because it is full of instances where someone is trying to come off as a customer’s friend, though they might not actually be one. It’s similar to an old George Burns line about faking sincerity; once you learn that, you’ve got it made. However, people who actually have real world expertise don’t have to fake anything because they’ve likely had the same experiences that their customers have.

For instance, if there’s some finesse involved in setting up tracking shots and a helicam user is frustrated, a truly expert salesperson will likely not only be able to offer advice, but will also very much understand what that customer is going through. They can offer support from a position of personal experience. That means that the customer gets more than a set of procedures and directions. They get to talk to someone who knows where the frustrations usually manifest and how one gets around them. That can go a long way toward helping customers.

It also helps when the customer wants to expand on what they have. If the dealer themselves has a love of the products they sell---drones, in this case—it’s likely that they’ve gone ahead and added features to their own; better cameras, etc. It’s also likely 
that they’ve experimented with shooting in different situations.

When the dealer really understands their products, and has a love of them, it’s easier for the customer to work with them as a partner. Sometimes, the salespeople will end up taking whatever challenges they’re presented with personally and having a lot of fun solving them for their customers. If a customer inquiries about shooting in very dark conditions from a significant height, for instance, a good customer service rep will figure out how their customers can make that happen and will offer solid, reliable advice, and take some gratification in solving the issue.

The Beginning Is the Most Important Time
People who are genuine enthusiasts for the products they sell can help in one other significant regard, as well. When you’re making that first purchase, they can take into account how much you’re likely to grow as a user of the equipment and how that will affect the best initial choices you should make.

For example, if you’re a wildlife photographer but mostly a hobbyist, you might be able to get everything you wanted and more out of one of the simplest drone designs. If you’re clearly a pro, however, the salesperson will not only know that you’re likely to outgrow anything but the most professional rig, but how that growth is likely to occur. At some point, for example, you’re likely to want very high-def, stable tracking shots and that necessitates a certain type of equipment.

Good sales people are more than salespeople: they’re enthusiasts, partners and consultants. They enjoy working with the people who purchase their products and helping them to get the most out of those products. As a customer, you deserve nothing less.

So when it comes to purchasing a DJI Phantom, DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus, quadrocopters and S1000 or Cinestar octocopters, an expert and professional dealer will advise you on the best UAV suited for your needs, not the one with the highest profit margins. Excellent dealers will also provide training to help you make the best use of your drone.



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