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Drone at Baseball Game Begins to Clarify FAA Rules

"Look, a UFO!" was shouted by one of the many young boys attending a Major League Baseball game in Pittsburgh during the week of June 23rd, 2014.

Was it a UFO? No, it was a DJI quadcopter being operated by a man in a nearby park. He was unaware of the FAA regulations that prohibited him from using it near a densely populated space. He was using it, along with his camera, to shoot some unique and appealing video footage of activities in the city. However, what he was doing was technically not allowed, and he was soon approached by security in the park where he was standing and told that he needed to bring the drone back to the park area instead.

Though the incident occurred without any negative consequences, and a large number of the fans in the stadium were thrilled at the sight, it was a great moment for clarification of the current rules where a quadcopter or helicam array is concerned. According to an article about the event: "The FAA said this week that unmanned model aircraft owners are permitted to fly the small aircraft without FAA approval for hobby or recreational use only, must keep them in sight and must avoid flying them over densely populated areas." (Harding, 2014)

Clarification and Experience Needed

This was an ideal time for the use of a flying camera to make headlines because they are becoming more and more popular as the weeks and months pass. They are also becoming more and more affordable, and venues like are able to offer reliable DJI equipment at great prices. However, the flying camera experts at Heli Video Pros can also offer the training needed to guarantee safety at all times.

This, too, is of the utmost importance as the ways that average consumers use their flying cameras keep making headlines. For example, earlier in 2014 there was an incident in which a young man was legally using his quadcopter along the Connecticut shoreline. Another beachgoer felt he was not using the drone appropriately, and went so far as to physically assault the boy in an attempt to get him to cease flying the device.

Clearly, there has been a need for clarification about the "when" and the "how" of using a drone or helicam. The latest event, the one at the MLB game, led to this very simple and clear statement from the FAA. This leaves flying camera enthusiasts with just one need - the need to master the actual use and piloting of the quadcopter or octocopter they have decided to purchase.

There is constant praise for the performance of the DJI equipment, and a good place to begin a search for the ideal helicam would be through a DJI dealer. Again, Heli Video Pros makes all of the latest DJI models available for sale. They also have the classes and training options that guarantee the pilot will have constant control of the device.

What to Expect

If you purchase your helicam from flying camera experts and get the best training possible, you will be able to create films or photos that far exceed the "hobbyist" levels. However, you will technically remain a hobbyist. This will give you total freedom of use where the flying camera or drone is concerned. If you adhere to those basic FAA guidelines, and avoid the temptation of filming major events (like the MLB game discussed earlier), you will have the best of times with your equipment.

It is possible to be creative within the current FAA guidelines, and it is far easier to do so when you are properly trained in handling your drone or multi-rotor device. Turn to helicam experts like Heli Video Pros and you will shoot amazing footage at all times.

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