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The Dunning-Kruger Effect and a DJI Drone

by Richard Cochrane on July 08, 2014

A recent review written for the DJI Phantom 2 is both amusing and tragic. In it, the reviewer mentions his immediate sense of joy when first flying the high quality quadcopter around his neighborhood. Soon, however, the author references the famous "Dunning-Kruger Effect", in which those without the skills needed to perform a task make the grave error of overestimating their abilities and bringing about disaster. In other words, he admits that it felt too easy to fly the drone, and this resulted in his destroying it by crashing it into a tree.

Sad? Yes. Avoidable? Absolutely. The use of flying camera gear (like the DJI equipment currently on the market) should automatically trigger those using it to seek flying camera experts for help. Not only can they provide the basics of safe and effective operation of a drone, but they can also ensure that the images or footage turn out the best, as well.

Not as Easy as it Might Seem

The reviewer in the article mentioned above repeatedly touched on one major issue of flying camera usage, and that is that the technologies are amazing but that they still require experience and skill to know just how to use the systems properly. Even though DJI systems feature some of the best stabilization gear and functionality, that does not automatically translate to skillful images or masterful aerial filming.

The ideal solution is to find a DJI dealer or DJI store that has opportunities for novices or even somewhat experienced users to become flying camera experts. This sort of solution is available from The aerial filming experts at Heli Video Pros have many years of experience and skill, plus they specialize in the different DJI equipment. Their training options can enable someone to learn just how to put the gear to use in the most effective (and safest ways).

Is safety a concern? That question has both a yes and a no answer. The overall size and potential for harm that can come from an accident with any drone or flying camera is, generally, nominal. However, there are always those worst-case scenarios. The drone that gets too close to a house, traffic, or animals can cause a problem.

Of course, the reviewer in the article also indicated the financial implications of even a minor blunder. In his case, he crashed the brand new DJI Phantom 2 into a tree and utterly destroyed the quadcopter. This sort of error would have been easily avoided had the pilot worked with flying camera experts to understand the proper ways of handling the gear and even how to recover from a mistake in guiding the machine.

Maximizing Potential

Ultimately, any investment in a drone or multi-rotor device is meant to provide you with the means of making unique films or photos, exploring difficult terrain, or getting essential data. Any of these situations is going to benefit from the proper training and know-how. The experts at Heli Video Pros already have classes available for those who buy the DJI gear available at their site, or just for those who want to understand the best ways to use a helicam or drone.

Don't become a victim of the Dunning-Kruger Effect yourself. It is a very costly mistake that can be easily avoided by working with helicam experts offering training. Whether obtained online or in person, this sort of experience can protect your investment while helping you get the best from every flight. Aerial filming is already at work in many industries, and becoming an expert will be rewarding in many different ways.

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