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A Drone at Your Wedding?

Though many people recognize the long list of possibilities where drone equipment is concerned (observation, movie making, tactical purposes in the field, and so on) few have realized their potential for wedding photographers and videographers. That is, until recently when videographers in Mumbai realized that more and more couples wanted their weddings documented in artful and cinematic ways.

It makes sense when you consider that many weddings (in all parts of the world and not just in India) have tremendous scale. The gathered participants may be standing along an isolated stretch of scenic beach, atop a dramatic cliff, in an expansive and picturesque field, or dozens of other places where a drone or helicam can approach from a totally unique perspective.

Anand Rathi, a professional wedding photographer and videographer in India has this to say: "There some shots that are impossible to take otherwise, like a beach angle party where you fly a drone from the sea and zoom into the party. We recently used one at a wedding in Kerala. The venue was located on a cliff." (Tahseen, 2014)

Of course, documenting this part of a wedding day with the use of a helicam or quadcopter does seem practical and intelligent once you realize that the technologies exist, but what about the rest of the day? Can you send a multi-rotor device throughout a reception? Is using a drone a sensible approach for the photography for this particular portion of the wedding day?

Up Close versus Grand Perspective

The answers to such concerns require a look at helicam equipment and aerial filming options. For instance, the small wedding reception in a cozy and "average" space is not going to benefit from the use of these devices. In fact, it would probably scare many of the guests in attendance.

However, when considering the typical budget of weddings in this era, we know that more occur in larger and more lavish spaces. Thus, the use of the drone and helicam gear makes sense. How better to actually capture the opulence of the wedding event than with an aerial perspective, a sweeping helicam shot, and a drone that takes in the entire scene at once?

The key here, however, is to remember that you don't want to have just any helicam shot. You want to work with flying camera experts who understand how to use the gear safely, effectively, and in the best way to capture the effects desired.

It isn't simply a matter of putting a flying camera to work in order to make video footage of the day. It is to find helicam experts who have already created films of other events that are cinematic, dramatic, or unique in their nature. Not everyone can use a drone or quadcopter effectively, and since the technology (applied to wedding photography and videography) is fairly new, it is important to choose wisely.

The wedding videographers of India have been using the gear for just under two years. This indicates that it is a trend that is accepted and growing. However, as the experts themselves indicate, it is best only to work with trained, experienced, and well-practiced flying camera experts.

Organizations like Heli Video Pros in Vancouver, Canada already have a lot of cinematic work under their proverbial belts. Their sample reel of footage demonstrates the amazing potential in drone and helicam gear, and it is clear that weddings set in natural, open, or expansive locations would be captured beautifully using such systems.

Don't overlook the many benefits of "inviting" a drone to your wedding event. It can add a truly unforgettable facet to your wedding photography and videography.

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