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Crime Fighting and the Helicam

Anyone who enjoys watching dramatic television programs that feature police technologies probably already knows about "gunshot" sensors on CCTV cameras. These are devices that can detect and record the distinct pops and bangs of gunshots. The recordings then allow criminal experts to triangulate and identify the likely sources of the sounds. The recordings also allow crime fighters to gauge where a criminal might appear on any security camera footage before and after a shooting.

Imagine if this same technology was fitted to drones with helicam gear? This would allow the devices to be positioned in crime heavy areas and capture real time data far more effectively. The helicam would be able to document the initial gunshot an then the path of any criminals as they left the scene.

Interestingly enough, in mid-May of 2014 the NYPD announced that it was developing plans to use just this sort of technology. Creating some of the most targeted prevention and detection units imaginable is the ultimate goal, but for many it is the validation of the technology in general that is so exciting.

The Reality of Helicam Technologies

If an agency such as the NYPD is considering the widespread use of the drone flying camera, it is clear evidence that this is no longer an "emerging" science. It is something that is deployable and entirely realistic. Naturally, this also means that the entire flying camera industry is one positioned for growth.

As an example, not only would NYPD need the people skilled with handling aerial filming, drone equipment, and helicam gear, but also the computer experts, technicians, and physical equipment specialists required for full implementation. This is heartening news, and Heli Video Pros is one firm that understands the significance of this new development.

As a leader in aerial filming since 2009, the firm understands how rapidly technologies have developed, and how effective and useful the many types of gear will become. A look at the inventory available proves that this is no "beginner" science. As a quick example, this helicam store has everything from the essential airframes and batteries to the "camera gimbals" that hold the gear and allow for cameras to pan, tilt, pivot, and capture their data.

The Big Brother Nonsense

Sadly, there are too many people willing to jump on board the claims of a "big brother" technology being put to work. Sure, the use of a drone and helicam in this way constitutes "observation," but as stated - it far more preventative than invasive. There is no peering into windows with this sort of tech - instead, the helicam would listen for gunfire and then spring to life.

Saying it is too much "spying" is even worse than just a shortsighted perspective on the capabilities that come from any flying camera apparatus. Just consider that it is not only law enforcement that is using things like a DJI camera gimbal or employing flying camera experts. The creative industries such as motion pictures and sports films are already putting these technologies to work.

The world of science and photography has hopped on board with some groups filming normally challenging subjects with great ease. Volcanoes, dangerous waves, fireworks, and so much more is being captured through the use of existing gear.

The DJI Innovations and the DJI Phantom are considered incredibly reliable providers of difficult footage. They have great range, simple controls, and deliver consistent results. Whether you are interested in learning about crime fighting, aerial filming, wildlife photography, or mastering a technology on the cusp of expansion, this technology is available from Heli Video Pros now and is far more affordable than ever before.

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