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Superior Marketing and Drones

If you ask Manie Kohn (a Palo Alto, CA real estate professional) if it is better to show or to tell - he'll always answer that it is better to "show". As a real estate professional, it is not a surprise that he finds more value in showing than telling, but it is the "how" of his show that is so astonishing.(Anderson, 2014)

Unlike millions of other real estate experts, Kohn has already put drone and helicam technology to work. Instead of using what many feel are "clunky" shots taken from traditional helicopters, Kohn (and some others in his field) have become aerial filming experts and highly skilled drone pilots.

They have taken training and have become adept at the use of octocopter, quadcopter, and multi-rotor gear. This lets them enjoy the benefits of aerial filming without the need for tremendous height or distance from the subject.

In fact, this is the general appeal of all helicam technologies. You can get down to the "action" while also enjoying the benefit of the aerial position. As an example, he mentioned large estates and the unappealing helicopter shots that were once the only way of illustrating the size, scope, or general appearance of the properties. Now, with the use of a drone flying camera he can take in the entire property, drop down to specific points on the map and even take the camera up to the front door!

This is marketing in a way that is unprecedented, but it does illustrate one major point - the need for adequate skills with the helicam and drone gear. This is something that is a bit of a "sticking point" because it makes all of the difference between safe and effective images and video and substandard work.

Getting Training is Key

Fortunately for anyone interested in using a helicam and drone to enhance their marketing efforts there are some resources available. Heli Video Pros is a website that has been offering aerial filming gear since 2009. Today they are a source for anyone in search of such high tech options as the DJI Phantom, but they also have a host of other options for sale. They are a helicam store but also a leading resource for drone experts and others.

They have a UAV Ground School that would enable students to become aerial filming experts proficient in the techniques needed to generate impressive shots and results. Comparable to the experiences that Kohn has developed in order to market his skills, those who use this helicam store and its many offerings would find themselves capable of expert shots in no time.

Non-Markets Must Apply

What if you have no desire to use your skills as with the helicam in real estate? You can become a filmmaker, scientist, or journalist. There are some patrons of this flying camera store who have used their training to work with emergency services, land conservation groups, construction firms, and even with forensics departments in law enforcement agencies. The uses of the gear are almost endless, but it is the initial commitment to training that is the key.

Visit the Heli Video Pros to explore the long list of gear available and to work directly with flying camera experts. Because the firm has been in existence since 2009, they are heavily involved with such industries as motion pictures, journalism and more. They currently offer the very best brands for sale, including DJI Innovations, Cinestar, and more.

You can use drones and helicam gear for fun, for creative endeavors, and for commercial pursuits such as marketing. Begin with some official training (the online course through Heli Video Pros is an ideal choice) and then let your creativity take you wherever you want to go.

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