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Are Drones the Future of Food Delivery?

by Richard Cochrane on July 08, 2014

You've heard that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is already on board with drone technology. You may know that he is giving serious attention to the use of such devices as quadcopter and multi-rotor devices as a realistic method of delivering items ordered online. Because of that, many other innovators are considering the possibilities in drone technology and delivery services.

Take the example of the "Burrito Bomber". Though still in its developmental stages, this innovative use of a drone and helicam device (along with modern app technologies) could help to institute the era of drone food delivery services. The way this particular system operates is simple - you use the app to place an order for your food, it uses the technology in the app and the mobile device to determine the drop location, it then sends the details to the burrito provider, and they make the food and send it out on the drone. The drone has the location of the buyer from the app data and uses the innovative tech to deliver on target.

Clearly, this is a very streamlined and over simplified description of the possibilities to be found in the use of a flying camera as a sort of food delivery service, but it is an accurate explanation of what one group has already achieved. Imagine a system like this at work in a city or urban setting - instead of dozens and dozens of gas guzzling cars zipping dangerously around the streets, a quietly humming multi-rotor drone would use its technologies to make a delivery instead.

The Value Behind the Novelty

Yes, this is a novel concept, but it does open your eyes to the possibilities and the fact that such technology and gear will be put to use widely in the near future. You can go online today and see that drone experts are offering their skills or products to consumers and businesses alike. This is because there is already a demand for such things as aerial filming, multi-rotor devices, and quality systems that partner helicam and drone tech into one system.

The novelty of a burrito being dropped from a drone should not mask the simple fact that the use of cleaner, safer, and far more efficient delivery systems is the way of the future. This is why groups like Heli Video Pros already offer flying camera devices, training opportunities, and even full-blown aerial filming expert.

Though high quality quadcopter or octocopter drone devices are available, they demand expertise to be flown safely and effectively. There is also the need to master the demands of the helicam you will put to use as well. This tells us that right now is the time to train as one of tomorrow's flying camera experts. Though you might end up piloting cargo such as pizza and burritos safely through city streets, you might also find yourself working as one of the drone experts for an environmental firm, a movie studio, an architectural firm, or dozens of other industries.

We can forget that such fun and appealing devices as aerial filming gear will also play a leading role in our future. These technologies can provide us with unprecedented opportunities (such as the amazing helicam shots we see in commercials, films, and TV) but they also provide us with logical solutions to modern problems. Congested streets, pollution, out of control fuel and auto prices, and the many other problems that these issues create can all begin to be better managed when we use flying camera technology effectively. Explore the world of drone and helicam equipment with a visit to the helicam store at and discover the future!

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