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Drone, Drone on the Range...

by Richard Cochrane on July 08, 2014

Have you ever played a word association game? One person says a word and then you say the first thing that pops into your mind. When you hear the word "cowboy" it is not all that likely that the image of a drone or helicam pops into your head, but that might change in the future.

Why? It is amazing how many industries have already recognized the benefits of drone devices such as a quadcopter or multi-rotor craft. And ranchers and farmers are some of the most active; using helicam and drone systems to monitor livestock, check conditions at remote areas of their properties, and even gauge how the topography of the land is impacting crops. Just consider the following: "...the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the trade group that represents producers and users of drones and other robotic equipment, predicts that [a huge portion] of the commercial market for drones will eventually be for agricultural uses." (Doering, 2014)

Rather than using vehicles that consume gas, do harm to the landscape, and demand a lot of resources, farmers using multi-rotor devices and flying camera gear will make things safer, cleaner, and faster. Such devices are becoming the tool of choice and may soon replace the horse or dusty old pickup truck for a majority of classic cowboys and farmers. So, in the next ten years it is entirely possible to hear the words "farmer" or "cowboy" and think "helicam" or "quadcopter".

Other Industries

Does this mean that budding film makers or aviation enthusiasts will not find employment if they take the time to become flying camera experts? To answer that you need only turn to a source like Heli Video Pros. This firm has been actively using helicam and drone systems for years (working out of a Vancouver, Canada base) and sees things only getting busier and busier. This is, partly, the reason for their helicam store which offers access to top of the line setups like the DJI Phantom and to quadcopter devices, but which also has training and certification options too.

It will be those who have such experience in handling the equipment who find the most lucrative careers. Right now there are a lot of issues relating to privacy and safety in crowded areas (the use of helicam gear on farms is a proverbial "no brainer" because of the vast open spaces), and being able to maneuver a multi-rotor device with expertise is going to pay off. Additionally, those who are aerial filming experts as well as drone experts will be able to offer a complete package to potential clients and employers.

Consider that such industries as real estate, engineering, architecture, television and motion picture companies, advertising, and surveying firms are likely to require skilled and certified individuals. If the use of drone devices and flying camera gear is also put to use for delivery services, precision and accuracy will become even more valuable. Training and certification are "must have" items.

Today is the day to explore the limitless creative opportunities found in aerial filming technology. Not only can you use the devices to explore what was once inaccessible, but you can create a brand new career from it too. Turn to resources like to explore the very latest in flying camera technologies, and while you are at it you might want to sign up for some online training too.

That way you can begin to offer your skill, or even your multi-rotor equipment to all kinds of industries and businesses, and you will find yourself on the cutting edge of technology. Become a real pioneer of helicam and drone devices, and soon the first thing that you will think of when you hear "farmer" or "cowboy" will be quadcopter and aerial filming!

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