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Free Flying Helicams Emerge

You might know about the different helicam companies that are currently seeking funding for startup expenses. There are two main players on this stage, and both are promising to offer self-flying drones that can be relied on to take optimal footage based on smart tech mounted to the drone or helicam frames.

This would mean that they would have almost no human intervention, and though that sounds appealing it could reduce the quality of the footage or images that such a drone could capture.

A helicam can be one of the most responsive devices when designed as a quadcopter or multi-rotor device. It has tremendous stability and maneuverability, and when they are in the hands of flying camera experts they are able to record some dramatic scenes and activities.

Naturally, the appeal of a pilot-free helicam comes from the ability to capture events independently; without relying on a camera operator or aerial camera experts with remote control devices. It is this appeal that drives the interest in the free flying helicam devices currently being developed, and many extreme sports enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of either of the two systems currently seeking startup funding.

The Better Alternative

Of course, the better option is to work with flying camera experts who have better gear and the skills needed to create safe, effective, and appealing shots. As an example, if you are a skilled surfer who wants to use a drone or quadcopter to document your latest tricks and rides, you could use a free flying helicam to get adequate footage, but there would be major risks involved.

Consider that the remote controlled drone device would know where you are, and peharps how to shoot images of you. It would not, however, know where the other surfers are located, how high the waves surrounding you might be, and how much longer the batteries could last. Since the current models of free ranging cameras have no more than 20 minutes of life, they don't offer such a great opportunity and would demand too much of your attention to really be all that effective.

Helicam devices, such as any of the DGI units, in the hands of aerial filming experts, on the other hand, have a tremendous amount to offer. These have much greater battery lives, longer ranges, and can be expertly positioned for optimal footage or imagery.

Because so few helicam users have the skills needed for top quality shots, it is a good idea to work with seasoned experts. Heli Video Pros is a firm that already has many years of skill and expertise under their collective belts. They can work with sports enthusiasts or those interested in the benefits of free flying cameras to create far better results. They know how to position a helicam or quadcopter to get the best angles, and can even be trusted with less common assignments such as real estate, agricultural footage, and more.

Flying Camera Experts Film What?

During the recent Independence Day celebrations all around the United States, some flying camera experts decided to put their gear up above a fireworks display in Nashville, TN (Hall, 2014). They knew that the quadcopter and the flying camera would be at risk for total destruction if not flown properly (and even if it was flown expertly, as well). However, with skillful use of the controls, they were able to make amazing footage and keep the entire flying camera array out of harm's way.

This shows the value of a skilled hand at work with a flying camera and drone. If you want to be sure to get the finest possible imagery, contact professionals rather than leaving it up to chance with any unmanned drone or quadcopter devices.

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