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Amazing Surprises Uncovered by Helicams

It is easy to guess just what sort of sights you might see through the eyes of a helicam, especially in the hands of aerial filming experts. Hovering over a landscape, the flying camera might easily see herds of wild animals, major ocean activity, and even such things as wildfires. Filmmakers have also leapt on board the use of the drone or helicam to capture previously impossible shots, but it can still be quite surprising for amateurs and helicam experts alike to see what their flying camera can record.

Consider a recent headline: "Drone camera solves mystery of missing livestock" (Rkaina, 2014). The article title does not give a hint at just how startling the footage from the helicam was, nor does it explain how beneficial the use of a flying camera was for this particular issue. It all started on a sunny morning in the Mediterranean...

A Surprise...To Say the Least

When you think of places like Greece or Italy you probably don't think about dangerous reptiles. Instead, you might envision beautiful blue waters, wonderful landscapes, and beautiful plants and flowers. And yet, the footage recently captured by a helicam on the Greek island of Crete shows just how many surprises might be found in this gorgeous locale.

It began when local farmers around a small, inland lake began to experience the loss of livestock. Lambs and ducks were disappearing, and yet there was no identifiable reason for them to be missing. No packs of dogs or other likely predators could be found, and so a local resident with a drone helicam decided to check out the "scene of the crime".

Within seconds of sending up the flying camera, a very large and distinct figure appears, floating casually in the cool waters of the man-made lake. Dipping down for a closer view, it is obvious that a large crocodile has taken up residence.

Though there is a tremendous mystery to the appearance of this rare creature, there is no doubt that without a helicam, the answer to the disappearing ducks and sheep might have remained a mystery.

Using a Helicam to Solve Problems

While this is a very unusual example of a problem that can be solved by helicam experts, it nonetheless proves that aerial filming options can be a major resource. Farmers, land surveyors, animal and wildlife experts, and many others who face challenging conditions "in the field" will benefit from a helicam.

The key, as demonstrated by the proficiency of the helicam experts in the video of the crocodile on Crete, is to know how to safely and effectively use the drone and the flying camera. It can be a bit of a challenge to both fly and operate the camera.

This is why drone experts such as Heli Video Pros provide access to top of the line equipment, such as the DJI Phantom, as well as training in the use of quadcopter or multi-rotor devices.

Whether floating the drone over some farm fields looking for stray cattle or seeking the answer to a serious mystery (including going crocodile scouting), a flying camera can save the day. The knowledgeable and skillful use of a helicam by aerial filming experts is something that benefits many different industries, fields, and needs.

Imagine how long it might have taken the local people to discover a croc was in their midst. Even worse, imagine just how that might have occurred. While that is an extreme example, it is important to give aerial filming equipment its due and recognize that it can provide an immediate answer or resource to a long list of problems.

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