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Gumshoe Gadgets and the Helicam

Watch out Dick Tracy, that high tech wrist watch of yours is about to fade into the background. The rise of the helicam as a major investigative tool is definitely going to overshadow most current detective tech.

Just consider a few New York City based private investigators who have used drones to catch cheating spouses, prove fraudulent disability claims, uncover dog fighting operations, and prove a parent was being dangerously neglectful. In almost all of these instances, the drone or helicam gave the investigator a pair of "eyes" where none had ever been available before.  (Briquelet, 2014)

Of course, the flying camera also documented all of the "dirt" that ensured the guilty parties had to face the music.

The hidden backyard full of neglected dogs, breeding cages, and fighting pits would have remained hidden had the flying camera not been a handy resource. The clandestine tryst in the park would have gone unseen had it not been for the detective cunningly "testing" the helicam nearby (and shooting several minutes of footage). Even the disability fraudster had a sure-fire method of keeping their lies a secret, but the flying camera was able to monitor discreetly and get the scoop.

Not Just for Artists

Clearly, the use of a drone or flying camera is far more than a hobby or creative outlet. While a lot of professional photographers or even Hollywood filmmakers are becoming aerial filming experts in order to get amazing shots, the "gumshoes" have discovered their benefits too.

It is impossible to argue against the role of technology in the world of modern detection. Being able to handle a helicam with enough skill to get video footage or still photographs is a definite plus. Of course, few people can be drone experts as soon as they purchase their flying camera array, and yet many need to use their helicam as soon as possible.

Mastering the Art of Aerial Filming and Detection

This is why it is a good idea for anyone intending to use their flying camera discreetly must take the time to master the art of aerial filming. At visitors can find a helicam store offering such popular gumshoe choices as the DJI Phantom, but they also find tools and resources for becoming flying camera experts.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Heli Video Pros provides skillful aerial filming experts for hire, but can also help any investigator or gumshoe really master the newest tools of the trade. Whether it is learning how to fly a quadcopter or discovering the ins and outs of any DJI gear, this is a prime resource.

Though the whole issue of a drone or helicam can be a bit of a gray area in some parts of the world, including New York City, there is definitive proof that many professionals are using them successfully. The key for all of them has been to use the aerial filming gear expertly and at a distance that is discreet and safe.

A quadcopter or helicam can be fun and effective, but it is just like any technology and takes dedicated practice to master. The private investigators of the world are taking off their Dick Tracy hats and putting on their "technological" hats to master these new tools. They are using them with amazing results and are always considering how to put them to even greater use.

"Look, up in the's a bird, it's a plane, it's...a gumshoe?" Though that sounds silly, it is already happening. Investigators are using technology to solve and fight crime and help clients. They do so after becoming helicam experts, and mastering the art of aerial filming.

Briquelet, Kate. Private eyes using drones to catch cheating spouses. NY Post. 2014.

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