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The Almost Unlimited Use of Drone Technology

by Richard Cochrane on July 25, 2014

Drone Technology

It must be good news to the many drone enthusiasts around the world that their favorite bits of tech are finally earning praise. Rather than remaining a military tool, drone technology has been expanding into far more fruitful and creative arenas. Take, for example, a short list of applications identified in a recent news story out of Canada:

  • Autonomous drones synced with smartphones can fly a helicam behind the user as they do anything from extreme sports to walking the dog.
  • Multi-rotor delivery units can bring packages up to five pounds to customers within half of an hour of ordering, plus this tech is already at work in Russia where a drone delivered the first take-out pizza in June of 2014.
  • Humanitarian efforts have been using helicam equipment to deliver medicine and food to civilians in the midst of areas of conflict or disaster.
  • Drones are being used to monitor borders to prevent militant groups from breaking treaties or attacking undefended areas.
  • Flying cameras can be used for real estate, farming, soil evaluation, road planning, inspecting difficult terrain, and more.
  • An Australian firm has plans for drone and flying camera assemblies to travel to specific areas of Melbourne and to use video projection gear to broadcast films on exterior walls and create outdoor movie theaters.
  • Drones can be used to detect ethnic conflicts before they occur, locate survivors from a long list of possible events, and more.
  • Journalists eagerly hope to use helicam equipment to document many events and stories.

So, from humanitarian and agricultural endeavors to entertainment and artistic activities, drone technologies are definitely providing many opportunities.

The Resources

Naturally, so many of the items on the list above are still in their planning stages because the legal use of quadcopter or multi-rotor helicam gear is being defined in many parts of the world. It makes sense for air traffic agencies to worry about the use of helicam equipment in populated areas or in general air traffic areas. However, this has put a hold on all of those amazing ways that a drone and helicam could be used.

Does it mean that no one can use a flying camera right now? No, not in the least. There are many private individuals putting their aerial filming equipment to use. In fact, in July of 2014 the first annual helicam photography contest occurred, and the images immediately reached headlines.

The real hurtles in drone use tend to apply to the commercial users. Right now, non-commercial pilots can put their quadcopter gear to use in a long list of possible ways. One of the smartest things they can do before attempting to use their helicam assemblies, however, is to make sure they have really mastered the use of such complex gear.

After all, something like the DJI Phantom series is constantly spoken about as a preferred helicam system. Yet, it takes experience and skill before you can both control the device and make excellent films or photographs with it.

Finding Resources

This is why Heli Video Pros, and their online store, are such a good resource. Through this site you can learn about DJI gear from flying camera experts and you can even become a skilled operator yourself. This site provides access to aerial filming experts who can be hired to create films or photographs, who can help you get fully trained with helicam gear, and who can even help you purchase your own drone or DJI Phantom. This is the best way to learn about helicam tech, even as the rest of the world waits to begin using it!

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