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Proof of Helicam Value

by Richard Cochrane on August 01, 2014

Mountain Tracking

We keep hearing a lot of noise from the media about the use of helicam gear and aerial filming issues. From the use of a drone for delivery services to the latest use of the flying camera tech for private investigations, it is clear that helicam equipment is both effective and a bit controversial.

However, a lot of the so-called concerns about their use have to be seen as insignificant when you read about the life-saving capabilities of any helicam. While they are far too small to airlift people or animals from danger, they can be used to hasten things like search and rescue efforts.

Recent News Emphasizes Value of Flying Camera Gear

Let's say you are looking for someone who is lost in an enormous amount of terrain. The only options you have for finding them are likely to be a foot search and an aerial search. However, that aerial search is always limited to the visual skills of the people actually looking on the ground for signs of life.

With the introduction of the helicam, and aerial filming gear, on the other hand, a search by air has become even more effective than a ground search. This was proven to be the case in Wisconsin during the week of July 23, 2014. 

A Lost Man and a Helicam

Essentially, the story can be told in brief. An 82 year old man in the state of Wisconsin went missing. Search parties were called, dogs were brought to the area, and an aerial team began to make plans to get to work. That is when a man visiting from Colorado used his helicam (which he normally used for his ski and snowboard business) to assist in the effort.

In twenty minutes time, the man had located the lost senior in an enormous 200-acre bean field. Without shoes and suffering from dementia, the senior certainly faced injury or worse, and yet the flying camera found him in twenty minutes. This, said the leaders of the search "Spared volunteers hours of trudging through a muddy field, and ended a three-day effort that had involved search dogs, a helicopter and hundreds of people." (Roberts, 2014)

For three days the search had been ongoing, and yet this one man operating a small flying camera was able to quickly find the missing man and get help directly to him. This sort of success demonstrates why the "noise" around the widespread use of drone and helicam gear needs to be toned down, and why the restrictions on their use must be tempered and put to rest.

Looking Forward

If you consider the different cases around the use of a helicam or drone that make headlines, they are often individual issues that are easily regulated on state or local guidelines and laws. The broader restriction of the use of flying camera apparatus is proven a bit silly in the face of their benefits in rescue options, as well is in farming, news, environmental monitoring and many other positive purposes.

The one thing to remember is that the better the operator, the better the outcome. This is why it is being widely suggested that enthusiasts and those interested in drone tech and helicam use make sure to become aerial filming experts right away.

There are resources available for learning about the top flying camera gear, and also how to operate the drone devices when put to use for aerial filming. Groups like Heli Video Pros offer helicam experts for many purposes but can also help people to become flying camera experts themselves through opportunities at their online shop:

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