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DJI Phantom 3 Announced!

by Richard Cochrane on April 08, 2015  in Phantom 3

DJI Phantom 3

Today DJI Innovations announced the new Phantom 3 Consumer drone at 3 live events around the globe.

The announcement revealed not only the astounding set of new features on the Phantom 3 but also the incredible price point.

And there was another surprise - there isn't just 1 Phantom 3 but actually there are 2 different versions: The "Phantom 3 Professional" and the "Phantom 3 Advanced"

At the announcement DJI claimed that this is "the best, most accessible Phantom we have ever made" and that it is the most technologically advanced drone you'll find in the consumer market

So what were the big revelations?

- 4K camera with no "fish eye" distortion and 12 megapixels RAW capture
- Integrated "Lightbridge" module for High Definition video streaming from a mile away
- Addition of the Vision Positioning System developed for the Inspire 1
- Dedicated buttons on the controller for one-click camera control
- Improved motors with greater power and efficiency extending battery life
- Improved GPS positioning using more GPS satellites
- Pilot App displaying a live map of the drone's trajectory and position
- Integrated YouTube Live Streaming capability with the tap of a button
- "Director" functionality allowing easy editing and compilation of videos while in the air - "by the time you land you'll have video to share"
- Flight Simulator built into the Pilot App for easy, risk-free training
- Automated flight logs with the images of moments you captured during flight

Certainly an impressive list of new features.

And what about the price?
Well this announcement certainly brought some applause from the audience:

US$999 for the "DJI Phantom 3 Advanced"  (1080p camera at 60FPS)
US$1299 for the "DJI Phantom 3 Professional" (4K camera at 24 / 25 / 30 FPS)

So does that make you want one?

As an Authorised DJI Dealer based in Vancouver, Canada we will have the Phantom 3 in stock very soon.
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