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Debunking the Myth I Don’t Need the SFOC Because the Chance of Getting Caught Is Low

Canada Drone Regulations SFOC

How often do you hear about people getting in trouble because they don’t have an SFOC? Chances are you don’t hear much about it at all. This leads some people to believe that they don’t need to get an SFOC because the chance of getting caught for operating without one is so low. However, looking just a little deeper will show you that this is a terrible idea! Canada is cracking down on offenders and issuing fines. 

Consider what this could do to your business? Fines and building a bad reputation in the industry as someone who does not take regulations seriously can cause your business to crash and burn even before it has a chance to take off. Consider the competition as well. Many who are using drones for business and who are going through the legal channels are self-policing. This means that they could turn you in for operating without an SFOC, and rightfully so. 

When you are operating outside the regulations, you are putting yourself and your business at great risk. What would happen if you have an accident with the drone? If they discover you were operating outside of the regulations, then insurance will not cover the liability of the accident in many cases. This means money out of your pocket. 

You want to build a quality business that people can trust. If you want to build your clientele, then you have to do things the right way and according to the regulations. It is not as difficult as you might imagine, and it doesn’t take as long as some fear. Do things by the book so you can grow your business without worrying about the authorities and fines.

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