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Template for SFOC Application

by Richard Cochrane on April 05, 2015  in ApplicationSFOCTransport CanadaUAV

SFOC Application Template

Applying for an SFOC can be a confusing process. There really isn't an "application form" you can simply fill out. The following is a simplified set of guidelines of what should be included in an SFOC application document. This outlines just the main sections that you need to include. Depending on your organization and operation, you may want or need to include more.

Note - this is not a comprehensive list of all the components of an SFOC application. Use this as a guideline only. The full requirements for an SFOC application are on the Transport Canada website.

Some of the information mentioned below may be in other documents, such as the UAV manual or operations manual. If it is, then you can reference where to find that information and do not need to include it again in the application.


  • Cover Page – Include the title and the operator name and address.
  • TOC – The table of contents will include the various elements of the application to make it easy to find.
  • Contact Info – Include the full name, address, phone number, and email of the operator, as well as the operations manager. Make sure you include a way for the manager to be contacted during the operation.
  • Introduction – Include a summary of the purpose of the application and the type of application for which you are applying.
  • Purpose of the Operation – Detail the reason and purpose of the operation. For example, if you are working on overhead shots for a real estate agent, explain the purpose here. Include the parameters for operation as well.
  • Dates of the Operation – Include the times and dates of the operation, along with alternate dates in the event of an unforeseen issue.
  • Operation Location – Detail the location where the operation will occur. This needs to include an address, as well as the latitude and longitude, radius, and altitude.
  • Equipment – Detail the UAV and all of the other equipment you will be using during the operation. This information will likely be in the aircraft manual.
  • Operational and Flight Procedure – Include the procedures and processes for conducting operations and flights. This includes everything from site surveys to communicating with air traffic control, flight operations, checklists, and recordkeeping.
  • Roles – Detail the personnel who will be taking a role in the operation, including their bios, experience, and their role.
  • Security Plan – Explain your security plan in detail regarding the operations area and the UAV.
  • Emergency Plan – Describe what plans you have in place in the event of an emergency.
  • UAV System Airworthiness and Continuing Airworthiness – Explain how the UAV is airworthy and meets all of the requirements, along with the processes for maintaining and repairing the aircraft.


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