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Read and Understand the SFOC Documentation

by Richard Cochrane on January 29, 2015  in DefinitionsSFOCTransport Canada

When you first consider getting an SFOC, you might find it to be rather confusing. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Many who are just now treading into this territory find it to be difficult to understand in the beginning. The best thing you can do is engross yourself in the material. Learn more about the documentation you need and how to create it. You may need to read it several times to really understand it all. While it might take some time, you can learn the terminology and learn the requirements that you will need to follow.


It is easier if you take things slowly and look at one element or area at a time. Make sure you understand it, and then you can move forward and continue learning. Transport Canada has the rules and regulations, as well as the official documentation you need to understand. You can visit their site to learn more about the Canadian rules regarding UAV operation, and you can be sure they have the most up to date information that you will want to use.


Make sure you are reading sites such as this, along with forums with other UAV operators. This will help you to get a better overall grasp of the regulations and restrictions when it comes to getting your SFOC, and other operators may be able to provide you with some additional insight. You will also want to make sure you read up on the new rules for exceptions involving commercial UAV operators.



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