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DJI Agras T20 - Candrone

DJI Agras T20

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 The Agras T20 is the latest and greatest agriculture drone from DJI in 2020. A new and improved aircraft system design makes it more efficient and intelligent than ever before. 

Key features:
  • 20L capacity, 20kg maximum payload
  • New nozzle layout for a 20% increase in spraying uniformity
  • Omnidirectional Digital Radar system allows for autonomous navigation of complex environments and terrain
  • 4-channel electromagnetic spraying control
  • Modular spray tank 
  • IP67 rating making it resistant to water and dust
  • RTK positioning capability
  • Built-in searchlights for low-light operations
  • Built-in FPV camera
  • Fully integrated smart controller with built-in ultra-bright 5.5" display 



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