UAV Ground School + Outdoor Flight Training
UAV Ground School + Outdoor Flight Training

UAV Ground School + Outdoor Flight Training

$900.00 $849.99

    Please select a date and time that works best for you. We will follow up to confirm availability for the date selected. 

    Level: Beginner-Advanced Commercial Usage (Custom)

    Location: Online Self Study and Outdoor Langley Facility

    Objective: Online UAV Ground School Course with UAV Outdoor Flight Training.

    Build your skillset to grow a career as a service provider with your drone.

    UAV Outdoor Flight Training

    A small group of up to 2 students works with an instructor for a 4-hour session

    Dial your technique and step up to become a pro. Separate your skills from the competition. Designed for the keen flyer, this course examines advanced flight maneuvers and techniques. One on one format allows the student to receive custom instruction from expert operators.

    Areas of expertise include field setup, location scouting and assessment, flight path planning, advanced operations and flying techniques, advanced pilot control, onsite safety, and cinematic techniques for film and television.

    Additional customization is available to suit the user's focus areas. 

    - Surveying

    - Mapping

    - Inspection

    - Cinematography

    - Photography

    - Real Estate

    - Agriculture 


      UAV Ground School

      The UAV Ground School is an online self-study course that follows the recommended Transport Canada curriculum:

      1. Introduction to UAVs
        2. Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight
        3. Canadian Aviation Regulations
        4. UAV Airframes, Engines and Systems
        5. Meteorology
        6. Navigation
        7. Radio and Electronic Theory
        8. Flight Operations
        9. Licensing Requirements
        10. Human Factors and Pilot Decision Making

      Participants will be issued a Certificate of Completion for the course.


      *Please note drone is not provided for training sessions if you do not have a drone to use we offer as a courtesy the following rental options: 

      Phantom 4 Pro - $300


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