Online RPAS Drone License Canada Transport UAV
Advanced  RPAS Drone License Canada Transport UAV
Exam Advanced and Basic  RPAS Drone License Canada Transport UAV
Exam Advanced and Basic  RPAS Drone License Canada Transport UAV drone school
Exam Advanced and Basic  RPAS Drone License Canada Transport UAV drone school

UAV RPAS Online Drone Training | Drone Pilot Ground School


    This is the foundational online drone training course to prepare you to earn your Basic and Advanced RPAS Pilot certificate from Transport Canada. Our drone pilot ground school course covers the Transport Canada TP-15263 knowledge requirements. The course is presented visually in a slide format accessible through your web browser for one year and completed at your own pace (expect to spend about 8 hours studying our course).

    Students will be able to apply the knowledge from this UAV training online course to complete the Transport Canada exam. Drone pilots looking to move beyond the Basic to get their Advanced RPAS Pilot Certificate must complete the Flight Review Prep course and successfully pass the in-person practical Flight Review test.

    If you are a foreign operator (non-Canadian resident), you must apply for the Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) to operate drones in Canada. This process will require you to complete this Ground School course and Flight Review. 

    Upon successful completion of the drone course, you will receive a Candrone ground school certificate for covering the following knowledge requirements (This is not the official Transport Canada pilot certificate, only Transport Canada has jurisdiction to issue permits.):

    1. Introduction to UAVs
    2. Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight
    3. Canadian Aviation Regulations
    4. Certification Requirements
    5. Airspace and Operations
    6. UAV Airframes, Engines and Systems
    7. Meteorology
    8. Navigation
    9. Radio and Electronic Theory
    10. Flight Operations
    11. Human Factors and Pilot Decision Making

    Do I need my Basic or Advanced Certificate to fly drones in Canada?

    Transport Canada RPAS drone basic or advanced


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