GPC Inspire 2  V2 Backpack
GPC Inspire 2  V2 Backpack
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GPC Inspire 2 V2 Backpack

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GPC has been watching and evaluating the wide variety attempts to design an Inspire backpack over the years and none of the designs have been inspiring due to the poor quality. As a result, we have had a huge demand for the quality of product that GPC is well known for. Having stocked and produced several drone backpacks over the last few years we have done a lot evaluation after seeing everything from the low end, rush to market, and cheaply designed packs. Pilots and Videographers have used many prototypes and provided their feedback. We now have an Inspire 2 backpack that we are extremely proud of. Please review the features below. I’m sure you will be impressed and want one of your own.

    • Difference between GPC backpack and Competitors

    • Many have little to no padding on back for comfort and ventilation

    • Some incorporate the DJI Inspire case known for a variety of durability issues

    • Others do not have storage for Camera or lens boxes, tool cavities, laptop & iPad cavities.

    • Shoulder straps pull away from the inner pack/GPC there is no sagging because the imbedded G10plate distributes weight throughout the infrastructure

  • Top handle directly connects to the inner foam, doesn't pull away from the inner pack/no stretching this is because the imbedded G10 plate distributes weight throughout the infrastructure. Competitors: the foam is just inside of the pack and it sags, pulls away from and compresses foam.

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