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Lippk + Limapper for P4 RTK
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LiMapper PPK for P4R

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This integrated solution consists of a LiPPK software (desktop & cloud) for PPK differential correction of photo positions and a LiMapper software for photogrammetric processing to generate geospatial products. The components function seamlessly with each other as an integrated solution, and can also be used independently as complementary tools for your current workflow as they are compatible with output/input files generated by most popular hardware/software on the market.

The LiPPK software provides a reliable and rigorous PPK differential correction method for improving positioning accuracy of photos captured by P4R drones. The output from LiPPK processing is a .txt file with position information for each photo, which can be used in LiMapper for photogrammetric mapping or other photogrammetric software. LiPPK is provided as both desktop software and cloud module in LiCloud.



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