Emesent Hovermap HF1 Kit Rental
Emesent Hovermap HF1 Kit Rental
Emesent Hovermap HF1 Kit Rental

Emesent Hovermap HF1 Kit Rental


    The rental rate for this item is 1999 CDN (1599 USD) per Day. 
    Ask us about our discounted Week/Month pricing for longer projects! 

    Hovermap HF1 is one of the leading mobile SLAM scanners in the world. This unit was designed to perform LiDAR scans in indoor and outdoor environments. Emesent designed a robust SLAM algorithm that truly outperforms any other scanners on the market in complex environments such as:

    - Buildings: indoor and outdoors for As-built & BIM
    - Underground tunnels and confined spaces
    - Sub-canopy forestry scanning for tree height, DBH
    - Digital twinning of large infrastructure and assets


    - Spinning VLP-16  to ensure the best 360° coverage
    - RGB colourized point cloud
    - AutoCAD and Revit compatible
    - Rugged Pelican travel cases 
    - External power source 12-50v with excellent internal filter

    - 2 sets of batteries + charging hub
    - Video training tutorials
    - Laptop with Hovermap Data Processing Software
    - Remote desktop support during the rental period

    -2cm accuracy 
    -100m of ranging distance 
    - 300,000 points per second

    **Car mount only available for Week & Month rentals**

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