Emesent Hovermap HF1 Kit Rental
Emesent Hovermap HF1 Kit Rental
Emesent Hovermap HF1 Kit Rental

Emesent Hovermap HF1 Kit Rental

$5,999.00 CAD

    Minimum 1-week rental period. Please contact us about short-term rentals.

    Hovermap HF1 is one of the leading mobile SLAM scanners in the world. This unit was designed to perform LiDAR scans in indoor and outdoor environments. Emesent designed a robust SLAM algorithm that truly outperforms any other scanners on the market in complex environments such as:

    - Buildings: indoor and outdoors for As-built & BIM
    - Underground tunnels and confined spaces
    - Sub-canopy forestry scanning for tree height, DBH
    - Digital twinning of large infrastructure and assets


    - Spinning VLP-16  to ensure the best 360° coverage
    - RGB colourized point cloud
    - AutoCAD and Revit compatible
    - Rugged Pelican travel cases 
    - External power source 12-50v with excellent internal filter

    - 2 sets of batteries + charging hub
    - Video training tutorials
    - Laptop with Hovermap Data Processing Software
    - Remote desktop support during the rental period

    -2cm accuracy 
    -100m of ranging distance 
    - 300,000 points per second

    **Car mount only available for Week & Month rentals**

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