Entry-Tier UAV LiDAR Kit Rental
Entry-Tier UAV LiDAR Kit Rental
Entry-Tier UAV LiDAR Kit Rental

Entry-Tier UAV LiDAR Kit Rental


    The rental rate for this item is 1850 CDN (1480 USD) per Day. 
    Ask us about our discounted Week/Month pricing for longer projects! 

    A budget UAV lidar scanner package to tackle small projects with some vegetation. The rental package contains a complete kit you need to get up and running capturing lidar data from the air. 

    LiAir V is a newly designed, light-weighted airborne LiDAR system by GreenValley International. Powered by the revolutionary laser scanner, Livox Mid-40, LiAir V has become the most cost-effective LiDAR system in the LiAir series. LiAir V can provide a high-accuracy point cloud of environments for users in various industries, e.g. surveying, forestry, power line inspection.

    - Greenvalley LiAir V w/ DJI Matrice 210 V2 bundle
    - Drone with controller + one set of batteries
    - Laptop with software for data processing 
    - Greenvalley GNSS Novatel base station
    - All equipment is stored in rugged travel pelican cases. 

    - Video training tutorials
    - Remote desktop support during rental period

    - Livox Mid-40 sensor
    - 40° field of view
    - 3 laser pulse returns
    - Weight 1.3kg (2.87lb)
    - Scan Rate: 100,000 points per second
    - Onboard storage 128GB. Each flight 2-3GB

    Point Density Vs Speed:

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