GreenValley LiAir V70 UPDATE

Updating V70 LiDAR firmware and LiVOX AVIA device settings for third-return capability

GVI Liair V70 third returnGVI Liair V70 third return

STEP 1: Updating the GVI LiAir V70

  • Download the firmware file
  • Power on the LiAir V70 and connect the network cable to the LAN port (Ensure that the GNSS antenna cables are not connected to the V70)
  • Launch your internet browser and browse to to access the LiAcquire Web interface
  • Select the Administrative tab > Upgrade
  • Extract the LiAirVHPro_1.01.00_210507.rar from the ZIP
  • Click “choose file” and select the LiAirVHPro_1.01.00_210507.tar file (Do not modify the file name or unzip the .RAR file)
  • Click “upgrade” to start the update 
  • Once the update has been completed, check and verify the firmware version is the same as the firmware update file name. Note the firmware version in the image is an example only.
  • Power cycle the LiAir V70 off then on and wait for 2-3 minutes for the initialization process. REPEAT the power cycle for 10 times or more
  • The device should initialize and perform normally after. If the device fails to initialize please contact

STEP 2: Updating the Livox AVIA firmware and collection mode

  • Download and install the latest version of LiVOX Viewer
  • Reconfigure the Ethernet settings

    • Search “Ethernet settings” in the window search bar

    • Click “Change adapter options”

    • Right-click the established ethernet connection with the V70 and select properties

    • Select the TCP/IPv4 and click propertiesChange the IP address to: and leave the rest at default

    • Click OK to save the settings
  • Launch LiVOX Viewer

    You may need to enable ALL permissions for LiVOX Viewer in Windows Defender Firewall if any error arises. Restarting the computer may be required after configuring the firewall permissions.
  • Ensure the drone and V70 system is connected via the network cable and powered on
  • Click OK on the attention window within LiVOX viewer is prompted
  • Add the provided firmware .BIN file directory from the GVI folder into the AVIA field
  • Click START UPGRADE and wait for “Upgrade Succeed” message
  • Restart LiVOX Viewer

    • The S/N of the AVIA Sensor should be displayed in the device manager window on the left side of the UI

    • Ensure the sensor is connected by pressing the slider button so that it shows a blue

    • If the connection fails to establish, check the firewall permissions and restart the computer. Furthermore, disable the WiFi module and select “Refresh adapter” under the Network Adapter menu in the LiVOX VIEWER.
  • Navigate to Tools > Device settings
  • Select the echo type to the desired “Triple return”

    • Please note: Triple return mode produces less then survey-grade accuracies
  • Click CONFIRM and press REBOOT

    • Reconnect the sensor to LiVOX viewer and go back into the settings to verify that the settings have changed and saved.

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