DJI Matrice 300 vs M30 series, what you need to know before buying.

The DJI Matrice 300 RTK platform continues to be the go-to drone platform trusted by professionals across many industries. However, with the introduction of the Matrice 30, many may wonder which one is best suited for their needs.

Size and weight

The M30 is roughly half the dimension of the M300 when folded. Making the M30 much more portable and therefore easier to transport. The M30 is small enough to fit in a backpack whereas the M300 must be transported in a large case. The M30 weighs 3.7kg vs 6.3kg on the M300 (including batteries), making it roughly 58% lighter.

AircraftΒ Length (mm)WidthHeightWeight (kg)
Matrice 30
Unfolded: 470
Folded: 365
Unfolded: 585
Folded: 215
Unfolded: 215
Folded: 195
3.7kg with batteries
Matrice 300Β Unfolded: 810
Folded: 430
Unfolded: 670
Folded: 420
Unfolded: 430
Folded: 430
6.3kg~ with batteries,
no payload

Flight time

The M30 has a max flight time of 41 minutes vs. 55 minutes on the M300 (without payload). Now, if we add a comparable camera to the M300, which would be the Zenmuse H20 series, you are down to roughly 43 minutes. Making the difference in flight time relatively minor.


The M30 is more resistant to intrusion protection with an IP55 rating vs. IP45 on the M300. In terms of moisture protection, both aircraft are protected against low-pressure water jets from all directions.

AircraftIP RatingSolidsLiquids
Matrice 30IP55Protected against dust limited ingress, no harmful deposits.Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions,
limited ingress permitted.
Matrice 300IP45Protected against solid objects over 1mm, e.g. wires & nails.Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions,
limited ingress permitted.


One of the key selling points is the M30's ability to go from storage to launch in under a minute. The new quick-lock arm design and the built-in landing gears enable it to do so. This capability is geared towards public safety agencies like police or fire personnel who need real-time intelligence in an emergency where every second counts.

One new complimentary product for the M30 is the DJI Dock, which is essentially a "drone in a box" solution. Providing an all-in-one enclosure that enables remote and autonomous drone operations catered towards security. We'll know more about this innovation as we get closer to the planned release in Q4 of 2022.

The M300 requires more assembly to prepare for flight but can be done within two minutes. Deployment speed might not be so relevant for your average drone operator. 

The payload

Where the Matrice 300 shines, its larger size contributes to a more significant maximum take-off weight (MTOW) capacity. The M300 has an MTOW of 9kg, equaling a 2.7kg max payload. Compared to the M30's MTOW of 4kg, leaving 0.3kg max payload capacity.

By design, the M30 series has a fixed payload camera which can not be removed or interchanged. On the other hand, the M300 has the flexibility to add up to 3 interchangeable payloads when you add the downward dual and upward gimbal mount.

DJI's engineering marvel has shrunk the Zenmuse H20 camera for the M30 series. Removing some of the camera's processing components and integrating them into the M30 body to miniaturize the camera.

including batteries (kg)
Matrice 303.740.3
Matrice 3006.392.7

Available in 2 versions - standard (M30) and Thermal (M30T). The standard M30 and H20 sensor's key differences:

M30 / T
4K/30 FPS48MP 1/2" CMOS640x512 at 30FPS
H20 / T1080/ 30 FPS20MP 1/1.7" CMOS640x512 at 30FPS
M300H20H20H20TP1L1Many options

Don't forget about the remote controller!

The M30 features a new RC plus with an arguably more ergonomic design and their first weatherproof controller with an IP54 rating. Offering slightly longer battery life and large/brighter screen.

The M300's current Smart controller does not have weatherproofing, but we can expect future compatibility with the RC plus. 

RCScreen sizeBrightnessBattery lifeIP
RC Plus7.02"1200 cm/mΒ²
Internal battery: Approx. 3 hrs
Approx. 6 hours with external battery
Smart Controller Enterprise5.5"1000 cd/mΒ²Internal battery: Approx 2.5 hrs
Approx. 4.5 hours with external battery


 The M30 package starts at $10,715 CAD, and the M30T starts at $14,969 CAD.

The M300 drone package starts at $13,339 CAD. Then, add the H20T camera for $13,354, which brings us to roughly $27,000 CAD ($18,000~ with the H20).

M300 + H20Approx. $18,000
M300 + H20TApprox. $27,000


At roughly half the cost of the M300 package, an M30 series is an attractive option for many.

The M30 is marketed with portability as one of its key selling points. Portability is attractive for industries like search & rescue, policing, fire fighting, and inspection. However, the fixed payload means you are limited to what the camera can do, whether doing an asset inspection or searching for someone lost.

The M300 is a workhorse with its flexible payload options. As a result, there is a variety of payloads fit for many applications and industries. The M300 allows for scalability regarding what you can do with the drone. Operators can offer various services with one tool, like a swiss army knife, whether you want to do a survey mapping job with the P1/L1 or a search and rescue mission using the H20T.

Still unsure about which system best suits you? Our consultants would be happy to consult you. Contact us today or chat with us.

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