NEW Green Valley LiDAR workflow

by Van Dinh on July 06, 2021
This new workflow with the Green Valley LiDAR systems will help improve the efficiency of your data collection. The new workflow applies to the GVI LiAir S200, S220, and LiAir V40, V70 systems. 
1. You no longer need to wait 30 minutes for the base station before collecting LiDAR data. Only 5 minutes after logging base station data is required.
2. The LiDAR system is ready to fly and collect data after the status indicators are a solid blue and system recording has started.
3. You can stop the LiDAR recording after you have landed, you do not need to wait for 5 minutes after landing.
4. The base station recording can be stopped 5 minutes after the LiDAR system has stopped recording.
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