Revolutionary Upgrade: The Draganfly Commander 3 XL Drone is the Ultimate Replacement for the Discontinued DJI Matrice 600!

by Van Dinh on January 17, 2023

When it comes to drones, the DJI Matrice 600 was once considered a top choice for professionals in various industries. However, with the discontinuation of the Matrice 600, many professionals are now looking for a replacement drone that offers improved capabilities and performance. The good news is that the Draganfly Commander 3 XL drone is an excellent replacement for the Matrice 600, and it offers many advanced features and capabilities that make it even better.

Draganfly commander 3 xl

One of the biggest advantages of the Draganfly Commanders 3 XL is its increased flight time. With a flight time of up to 50 minutes, it allows professionals to cover more ground and get more done in one flight than the DJI Matrice 600, which had a flight time of up to 35 minutes (with no payload) and realistically 15-20 minutes with a LiDAR system. This is especially useful for applications such as mapping and surveying, where covering a large area is essential.

Another advantage of the Draganfly Commanders 3 XL is its 10kg lifting capacity. The drone is equipped to carry a variety of payloads, including high-resolution cameras, LiDAR sensors, and even winching payloads. This makes it versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, from mapping and surveying to search and rescue, and more. The DJI Matrice 600, on the other hand, had limited lifting capacity (6kg) and even shorter flight times, which means that it was less versatile and not suitable for as many applications.

The Draganfly Commanders 3 XL also offers a more robust and durable design. Its carbon fiber and weather-resistant construction makes it able to handle more challenging environments and conditions than the DJI Matrice 600, which was offers no weather protection. This makes the Draganfly Commanders 3 XL a more reliable option for professionals who need to use the drone in difficult conditions.

The Commander 3 XL is designed and manufactured in North America, backed by a local team of engineers that can customize the 3 XL based on our clients needs. Whether you need to mount a Bathymetric LiDAR, Hyperspectral camera, or any payload under 10kg, we have the capabilities to create a solution that works for you. 

In conclusion, the Draganfly Commanders 3 XL drone is a revolutionary upgrade for professionals who are looking for a replacement for the discontinued DJI Matrice 600 drone. It offers increased flight time, advanced payload capabilities, robust design, and advanced customization, making it a versatile and reliable option for many industries. With its capabilities, the Draganfly Commanders 3 XL drone will help professionals to achieve new heights in their work.

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