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Don't make this mistake with DJI drones

Don't make this mistake with DJI drones

If this isn’t a part of your drone operational SOP, it might cause delays to your job... So you got your RPAS approval to fly in controlled airspace, but did you check the DJI Fly safe database? DJI Fly safe...
by Van Dinh on April 26, 2021  in dji flysafedji unlockinghow to unlock dji geo zonesrpas

Challenging BVLOS with DJI Matrice 300

One of the limiting regulatory factors for drones today is beyond the visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations. The technology can go BVLOS (15km range with the Matrice 300). However, the regulations aren’t quite there to support it yet. Until the rules...
by Van Dinh on April 23, 2021  in advanced dual controlbvlosdual operatormatrice 300rpas

How to identify Airspace for Drone operations

There are many resources available out there to help you identify what airspace you are flying in and what you need to know about it before you start to fly your drone. The Canadian Drone Site Selection tool offers a great free...
by Van Dinh on September 03, 2020  in dji flysafenavcanadano-fly zoneRPAStransport canadavta charts



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