How to complete the Transport Canada RPAS Recency Requirements

Transport Canada requires Basic and Advanced RPAS pilot certificate holders to receive recurrent training within every 24-months to maintain a valid remote pilot certificate under CAR 901.65. To satisfy this requirement, please follow the instructions below.

Check your RPAS Pilot certificate:

RPAS pilot certificate expiry

RPAS Recency study program:

  • All RPAS pilots who fall under the requirements of CAR 901 should be able to answer General aviation questions 1-15
  • If you are an RPAS Basic pilot certificate holder, you will need to answer questions 16-21
  • If you are an RPAS Advanced pilot certificate holder, you will need to answer questions 16-26

Transport Canada drone recurrent training

To complete the recency requirements:

  1. Click here for the Transport Canada Recency study page
  2. Use the AIM, ICAO, and CAR documentation below for reference to for each question.
  3. Fill in answers to the questions relevant to your certificate.
  4. Fill in your name and the date at the bottom of the page.
  5. Print the completed page and keep the documents with your RPAS Pilot Certificate.

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To answer the questions, you can refer to the following documentations:

Transport Canada requires RPAS operators to have the following documentation readily accessible when flying CARS 901.66:

  1. Your pilot certificate
  2. Documentation of meeting recency requirements

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