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Advanced Drone Pilot RPAS Certification package


    Please email upon purchase completion with a date and time you would like to book for. We will get back to you shortly to confirm availability.

    Looking to get your Advanced Canadian drone license? This package includes all the courses and resources you need to earn your Advanced Pilot certificate. Learn from the leading Canadian drone training provider.

    1. Drone Ground School course (online)

    2. 4-hour outdoor flight training/coaching (in-person)

    3. Drone SOP template (FREE with this package)

    4. Flight Review Prep course (online)

    5. Flight Review booking (1 hour in-person)

    Please note: this package does not include the Transport Canada Exam/Registration fees

    This drone training package is currently available for candidates in the Greater Vancouver Region. We offer on-location group training (10+ people) across Canada, please contact for details.

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