Freefly Accessories

Freefly MōVI Pro Battery

Freefly MoVi Controller

Freefly ALTA Quick Release Battery Tray

Freefly Toad in the Hole Quick Release (Movi)

Freefly MōVI Pro Landing Gear

Freefly MōVI Pro RED RCP Serial Cable

Freefly ALTA Extended Spacer

Freefly RED EPIC D-Tap Power Cable


Freefly MōVI Pro Lens Motor Cable

Freefly MōVI ‘Ninja Star’ Adapter Plate

Freefly Pop-N-Lock Pro 30mm Dovetail Quick Release


Freefly Pop-N-Lock Pro 25mm Dovetail Quick Release

Freefly Pop-N-Lock Pro 15mm Dovetail Quick Release


Pop-N-Lock Screw Mount Quick Release


Freefly Toad (Male Adapter)


Freefly MōVI Pro Battery Charger


Freefly Start/Stop Cable for RED Epic/Scarlet


Freefly Pop-N-Lock Refresh Kit


Freefly Right Angle Mini to Standard Cable


Freefly Alta Vibration Isolator Cartridges - Black


FreeFly USB 2.0 Type C to Micro B Cable

Freefly Movi Pro Arri Start/Stop Cable

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Connect with Candrone

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