LiAir S250 Lidar system
LiAir S250 Lidar system

Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir S250 v2 RIEGL MiniVUX 2

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Green Valley LiAir S250 V2 with Riegl miniVUX-2UAV sensor

LiAir 250 V2 featuring the latest Riegl MiniVUX sensor for 2020 is GreenValley International's flagship UAV LiDAR system designed to meet survey-grade project requirements. It is equipped with a highly precise navigation system and can generate point cloud data with an absolute vertical accuracy of 1.5 cm. Together with its capability of a 250 m range measurement and recording up to 5 returns per pulse, LiAir 250 is an ideal choice for applications like mapping terrain features beneath forest canopy, extracting forest structure parameters from individual tree level to forest stand level, inspecting power line corridor, managing and inspecting asset, and so on. Moreover, LiAIr 250 also provides an option to be equipped with a high-definition digital camera, which can be used to generate photogrammetry products as well as true color 3D point clouds.

RIEGL MiniVUX-2 Specifications

  • 100 kHz / 200 kHz Laser PRR selectable
  • measurement rate up to 200,000 measurements/sec
  • scan speed up to 100 scans/sec
  • very compact & lightweight (1.55 kg / 3.4 lbs)
  • 360° field-of-view
  • robust aluminum housing, ready to be mounted on multi-rotor, rotary-wing, and fixed-wing UAVs
  • make use of RIEGL's unique echo signal digitization and online waveform processing
  • multiple target capability - up to 5 target echoes per laser shot
  • mechanical and electrical interface for IMU mounting
  • exceptionally well suited to measure snowy and icy terrains
  • user-friendly, application- and installation-oriented solutions for integration


LiNav is a GNSS/INS post-processing module integrated in our acquisition software, LiAcquire. It provides tools to process GNSS/INS data acquired by the system and generate centimeter-level trajectory data for georeferencing point clouds and images. With a one-button process, it can also provide a system performance report for the operator to examine the reliability of the acquired data.


LiPlan is a UAV ground station control application designed specifically for the LiAir Series and any other LiDAR systems mounted on the DJI M600 Pro. Users can design flight routes in the application or sync pre-designed flight routes through LiCloud, and complete the flight mission automatically with the one-button take-off design.

Point Density

Liair 250 lidar point density chart

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