Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir S 1000
Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir S 1000
Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir S 1000
Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir S 1000

Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir S 1000

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LiAir 1000 UAV mounted LiDAR

The LiAir 1000 is GreenValley's most accurate and robust UAV-mounted mapping system. The LiAir 1000 has the ability to accurately map at a range of up to 920 meters with millimeter-level ranging accuracy. The LiAir 1000 can also be modified to include the Riegl VUX-1 UAVLR for an even longer range and RGB camera to produce true color point cloud. The LiAir 1000 is an excellent choice for mapping dense terrain and users requiring extremely high accuracy.

Acquisition & GNSS/INS Post-Processing Software LiNav is a GNSS/INS post-processing module integrated in our acquisition software, LiAcquire. It providestools to process GNSS/INS data acquired by the LiAir system and can export centimeter-level position and attitude results for point cloud and image georeferencing. With a one-button process, it provides a system performance report ensuring highly reliable results.

Mission Planning Software LiPlan is a UAV ground station control application developed by GVI specifically for use with the LiAir Series and the DJI M600 Pro.

Laser Sensor
Riegl VUX-1 UAV
6.5 kg
Range Accuracy
±10 mm
9 - 30 v
Maximum Range
3 - 920 m
Scan Rate
500,000 pts /second
System Relative Accuracy
±3 cm
Route Planning Software
POS System Performance
Attitude: 0.015° (1σ) Azimuth: 0.08° (1σ)
Acquisition/PP POS Software
Onboard Storage
128 GB
Horizontal FOV
Ports Available
Ethernet & USB 3.0

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