GVI GNSS Base Station
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GVI GNSS Base Station


    GreenValley International’s (GVI) Base station antenna and receiver kit. Designed for the LiAir series (LiAir V, S220 etc.) LiDAR systems, the base station kit is used to georeference LiDAR point clouds with high accuracy. 

    The base station antenna is placed over a surveyed monument with known coordinates. Providing RTK to RTK capable LiDAR systems like the S220. The GNSS base station is used for PPK correction on the LiAir V series. The log file created from the base station is imported into LiGeoreference or LiAcquire to process and correct the LiDAR data.

    A survey tripod and tribrach are necessary to use the base station which is NOT included with the kit. The base station kit is powered with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro battery (not included), which will allow for up to 8 hours of data logging.

    Instructions on how to use the base station equipment can be found here


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