Aerial LiDAR 3D Laser Mapping services

Candrone provides aerial LiDAR mapping & surveying services across Canada and the United States.
Our experts plan, acquire and deliver data sets efficiently and cost-effectively to your specifications. 

LiDAR technology allows for fast and accurate mapping of surfaces and structures, producing high-resolution 3D models, topographic/contour maps, etc. In addition, when combined with UAV/Drone technology, costs and risks are significantly reduced compared to traditional survey methods.

We understand that implementing LiDAR within some organizations may be out of reach, putting you at a severe competitive disadvantage as remote-sensing technology disrupts the industry. Our services enable you to focus on your business and generate new revenue streams with minimum risk.

Faster, accurate, and cost-effective

Compared to traditional surveying methods, drone surveying reduces the risks and costs of sending surveying crews into the field by significantly decreasing data collection time. For example, a drone's single 40-minute photo mapping mission can cover upwards of 3km2 or more, producing high-resolution data with millions of data points that would traditionally take a survey team weeks to acquire. We can provide <2cm survey grade accuracies with our equipment and expertise. 

Our services include:

• Radiometric Thermal Mapping
• Multispectral mapping
• LiDAR mapping
• 3D mapping / Digital twinning

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At your service, across North America

Our certified pilots are located throughout the United States and Canada, enabling us to deploy all across North America quickly. We can tackle the most challenging jobs with over a decade of industry experience. We'll take care of the logistics, resources, and technology required to get your data. 

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