Aerial Lidar Sensor Solutions

Aerial Lidar provides a quick and efficient way to gather data sets of terrain, powerlines, construction projects, forest inventory, stockpile measurements, etc. Aerial Lidar can be defined as a unit that goes on a manned aircraft such as a helicopter or airplane or an unmanned aircraft such as a fixed wing UAV or multirotor drone. 

There are a wide range of sensors that provide affordable and accurate point-cloud data with the option of integrated, high-quality RGB cameras for simultaneous orthomosaic mapping. This allows you to get two datasets from one flight: a point-cloud and a orthosmosaic map. Additionally in post-processing software, you can merge the two to create a colourized point-cloud. 

Many aerial Lidar systems provide a data link transmission that allows the user to see data capture during flight.  Some units provide the ability to mount on many platforms including helicopter, drone or car, providing a unique ability to gather datasets quickly and merge in post processing.

There are many sensors and systems to choose from with RIEGL being the ultimate sensor brand with the longest range and highest accuracy. 

Candrone has been using Lidar technology for many applications including wind turbine inspections and other projects since 2015. Throughout our experience and engagement with our large client base, we have been very satisfied with the Green Valley International product line and therefore strongly recommend their products be considered for our clients. They aren't the only brand we carry, but they are a brand we are thoroughly impressed with.

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Hovermap™ Emesent

  • Sensor : VELODYNE VLP-16
  • Accuracy : ±2CM
  • Range : 100M
  • Applications : Ideal of GPS denied environments such as underground mines, indoor facilities, underside of structures, etc.
  • Mount : Mounts on DJI Matrice 200 series, Handheld, Backpack, Vehicles


    The LiAIR X3 is the latest lightweight UAV LiDAR system from GVI for 2022. This compact LiDAR sensor provides high-performance and high-efficiency mapping, weighing in at only 1.25kg. Compatible with DJI Matrice 300 RTK and easily integrated with other compact drones in the market.

    LIAIR V70

    • Sensor : LIVOX-MID 70 AVIA
    • Accuracy : ±5CM
    • Range : 260M
    • Applications : Ideal for low structures, construction, golf courses, landfills, volumetric calculations
    • Mount : Mounts on DJI M200 V2, M210 V2, M300 RTK drone

    LIAIR 50N

    • Sensor : Velodyne Puck
    • Accuracy : ±5cm
    • Range : 100m range
    • Applications : Mounts on helicopter, drone, fixed wing UAV

    LIAIR 220N

    • Sensor : Hesai Pandar40P
    • Accuracy : ±5CM
    • Range : 200M
    • Applications : Forestry, Mining, Coastline, Archeology
    • Mounts : Mounts on drone or fixed wing UAV

    Draganfly Long Range LiDAR

    Built for precision and accuracy

    The Draganfly Long Range (LR) LiDAR is the best-in-class long-range laser scanning system producing survey-grade point cloud data. The LRL can be mounted on UAV, Airplanes, and helicopters. Designed and manufactured in North America, the Draganfly LiDAR is built for professionals requiring the utmost accuracy.

    Range: 750m

    Accuracy: ±2cm

    "Lidar sensor technology adoption is on the rise, learn how your organization can save time and money with our product, services and solutions"

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