Draganfly Long Range LiDAR

Built for precision and accuracy

The Draganfly Long Range (LR) LiDAR is the best-in-class long-range laser scanning system producing survey-grade point cloud data. The LRL can be mounted on UAV, Airplanes, and helicopters. Designed and manufactured in North America, the Draganfly LiDAR is built for professionals requiring the utmost accuracy.





Draganfly Long range Lidar

The ultimate LiDAR system

Draganfly LRL integrates the most advanced sensors from a world leader with 40 years of sensor experience, Teledyne (LiDAR sensor), and trusted industry expert, Applanix (IMU + GNSS). Teledyne's components are used in commercial and military aerospace design all around the world today. Furthermore, Applanix (a Trimble company) is the industry standard in survey components worldwide.

Best-in-class laser scanner

The Teledyne sensor produces survey-grade point clouds with a 360-degree laser scanner. Up to 775-meter range (50kHz). Class-leading point cloud fidelity with a low beam divergence allows for a safe scanning distance from the ground in even the most hazardous terrain.

Four laser returns capture more ground points and enable high-accuracy bare earth models under the thickest vegetation. Draganfly Long Range LiDAR produces 0.5cm point cloud precision with 2cm global accuracy resulting in high-resolution data at 2 million points per second.

Draganfly Long range Lidar

Versatility in mounting options

The Draganfly LiDAR provides versatility in mounting options. It can be mounted on UAVs, airplanes, helicopters or used as a mobile scanning solution when mounted on a vehicle or backpack. Our engineering and rapid manufacturing team will create a mounting solution that fits your needs. 

Versatility in applications

Aerial Mapping • Agriculture, Archaeology, Forestry • Construction • Disaster Recovery • Military • Law Enforcement • Geography • Safety and Survey Inspections • Search and Rescue • Site Survey • Solar Energy • Resource Management • Underground Mapping • Wind Turbine Inspection • Hydrodynamic modeling • Digital Elevation models • Mining.

Complete software suite provided

The Draganfly LiDAR includes pre-processing software to process your Raw LiDAR, IMU, and GNSS data into a point cloud (LAS, LAZ). LiDAR360 post-processing software is available for further processing and analysis. Modular by design, the LiDAR360 framework has industry-specific add-ons like forestry, powerlines, geology, etc. 

Industry-leading warranty and support

Backed by a 2-year warranty, based on specifications and manufacturing defects. We'll take care of parts and labour costs.

Your first annual maintenance and calibration included. Our service centers are located across North America. No overseas shipping, timezone or communication barriers.

 4-hour standard support response time during business hours means our technicians and advisors are available on demand.

Request a demo

Our LiDAR expert will hand-deliver the system to your organization to ensure a smooth transition into your new LiDAR system and join your first onsite project. In addition, we'll provide training and standard operating procedures to ensure your first data acquisition and processing goes to spec. 

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