The best low-cost Drone LiDAR system

GreenValley LiAir V

260 meter range
±5 cm accuracy
100,000 pts/s
One button operation
Greenvalley liair Canada Candrone Lidar

No compromise in data quality 

The GreenValley LiAir V40 is priced thousands of dollars lower than other LiDAR systems on the market from major manufacturers using the same LiVOX LiDAR sensor, yet performs better. This lightweight UAV mounted LiDAR can be mounted the DJI Matrice 600, 300, and 210 series aircrafts, providing accurate 3D point cloud data for a variety of applications.

Turn-key LiDAR packages including software starting under $25,000 CAD

Greenvalley LiAir V40 LiDar

LIVOX Mid-40 sensor

 This sensor features 260 meters of detection range with a 2 cm range accuracy. The 38.4° FOV of the sensor eliminates the need for extensive processing steps required in other sensors.

Sony A5100 RGB camera

 Colourize your point cloud with the optional 24.3-megapixel APS-C sized sensor Sony camera. 

Base Station kit

The LiAir V system uses PPK correction for optimum accuracy performance. 

Complete Software packages

LiGeoreference is a software processes the raw IMU, Laser, POS, and optional image  data from the LiAir V into a georeferenced point cloud. The modular design of this software allows users to pick and choose modules specific to their industry. You can choose extra modules like terrain, forestry, and powerline.

LIDAR360 is a foundational software suite for interacting, manipulating, and analysis of your processed point cloud. Other functions include data management, strip alignment, and classifications.

Field tested and proven system

We utilize the systems that we offer on a regular basis in real world environments, our service team has successfully completed over $500,000 in LiDAR projects with the GreenValley LiDAR systems. The LiAir V system is capable of scanning up to 1000 acres / 400 hectares per day (Dependant on variables like altitude/speed).

Easy to use, ask us about additional training options 

The best value in LiDAR is available now

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