Ground Lidar

Ground-based mobile lidar scanning technology is very valuable and is a complementary solution to aerial lidar scanning. Handheld or backpack mounted this Lidar scanning technology increases efficiencies when compared to traditional terrestrial Lidar collection methods.

Some examples are scanning indoor environments such as large warehouses, underground parking lots, construction sites, and stadiums. Other outdoor environments that this technology excels in are walking forests or trails, mapping power lines, and stockpile management.

Map environments in 3D, quickly and efficiently with up to 5cm accuracy. Capable of colorizing point clouds and GPS georeferencing data. Efficient, accurate, and mobile, our SLAM Lidar products are reliable and easy to use.

Hovermap Emesent

Versatile mounting capabilities.

Velodyne lidar 100m lidar range 300,000 points/second


± 20mm (2cm) for general environments

± 5mm (1.5cm) for underground/indoor environments

± 5mm (0.5cm) for close-range scanning

LiGrip Handheld SLAM Lidar

The LiGrip from GreenValley International is a handheld SLAM LiDAR system released in 2022. Designed with simplicity, the lightweight and compact system is easy to operate and versatile in its applications. The LiGrip features an integrated Velodyne VLP-16 LiDAR sensor and HD camera. Combined with cutting-edge SLAM algorithms to generate high accuracy HD mapping products in challenging environments.


Handheld "torch" lidar scanner

Scans at 420,000 points per second

Built in 12 megapixel 3 camera system

6-15mm (0.5-1.5cm) relative accuracy Indoor and outdoor scanning


Terrestrial LiDAR scanner

Scans at 360,000 points per second

6mm Accuracy @ 10m

60m range

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