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Lidar360 is a comprehensive point cloud post-processing software which includes a variety of toolsets to efficiently visualize, manipulate and generate meaningful geospatial products from point cloud data.

The LIDAR360 Framework lays the foundation for the entire software suite. With TB-level processing power, the Framework contains tools required for effectively interacting and manipulating LIDAR point cloud data. Functions include data management, automatic strip adjustment and classification. It also allows users to upgrade to application specific modules such as terrain, ALS/TLS, and forestry.

Green Valley was founded in Berkley California and specializes in both hardware and software. There are many clear advantages of using the same provider, offering seamless integration from data acquisition to processing. Green Valley's international team consists of over 100 employees in 4 locations world wide. They are the ultimate choice for data capture to software processing and continually innovate with adding new products offerings and software modules. Therefore Green Valley's products and software are an excellent long term investment. 

Main Software


The foundational framework for visualizing and processing point cloud data sets. Users can analyze, modify and export geospatial products for specific applications using add-ons such as Terrain, Forestry, and LiPowerline modules.

  • Data management
  • Strip alignment
  • Point cloud classification

Add-on Modules


The terrain module from Lidar360 enables users to classify ground points from LiDar point cloud data sets. This module contains GIS tools for interpolating surface models, visualizing and editing in 3D. Users can analyze the terrain models to generate derivatives from the surface models.

  • View and edit 3D models.
  • Interpolate DEM and DSM.
  • Generate slope, aspect, and roughness.
  • Repair spikes and holes in surface models.


The LiPowerline plugin module for Lidar360 enables processing and analysis of powerline LiDar point cloud data. Inspections can be performed with automated classifications of power lines, towers, and vegetation. Manual augmentation of classified point clouds allows for detecting user-defined danger points such as overgrown vegetation and tree fall. Users can generate accurate and detailed inspection reports in KML formats for data driven decision making.

  • Process 10,000km + of power line per data set I 150km per day.
  • Automated Machine learning algorithms for classification of power assets and ground points.
  • Tree segmentation and detection of location, height, crown size etc.
  • Simulate & predict environmental variabilities through vectorized data.


    Process point cloud data from aerial (LiAir) and terrestrial (LiBackpack) laser scanning systems with this powerful Forestry module. Segment individual trees from CHM-based and point cloud algorithms.

    • Calculate forest metrics including: elevation, intensity, canopy cover, LAI, etc.
    • Regression tools to derive biomass and stem volume.
    • Calculate individual tree location, height, DBH, crown area, diameter etc. parameters from segmented point cloud data.

    Additional Software


    LiMapper is a Photogrammetry image processing software. A quick and user friendly solution for processing image datasets. Users can generate Orthomosaic and surface models from large datasets efficiently.

    • Supports camera data from terrestrial and aerial platforms.
    • Process data sets of 10,000+ images Import external DSM/DEM data.
    • Generate DEM from classified point clouds
    • Evaluate data quality and accuracy from quality reports.
    • EDL display function
    • Mosaic aerial imagery
    • Surface model generation


      An integrated photogrammetry processing and PPK differential correction solution designed for the DJI Phantom 4 RTK. Users can automatically and efficiently process big data sets with PPK correction to generate survey-grade accuracy geospatial products.

      • 5cm absolute horizontal accuracy.
      • 10cm absolute vertical accuracy.
      • Automatic camera calibration during processing.
      • Automatic lever-arm correction during PPK: camera and GNSS center offset correction.
      • High efficiency big data processing
      • Compatible with other popular software & hardware on the market.


      A proprietary acquisition and conversion software with optional INS/GNSS trajectory post-processing. Users can connect wirelessly to LiAir unit to receive a live point cloud preview of data collection and configure capture settings.



      Easily and efficiently merge Point cloud data from mobile and aerial LiDar systems with integrated IMU and GNSS sensors. Users can process point clouds to .LAS or .LiData with specific datums including WGS84, projection, and coordinate system. Furthermore, RGB imagery can be fused with point cloud data to create true-color 3D models. This software can be used to process data from popular laser scanning technologies including Riegl and Velodyne.

      • For merging LiDar data with IMU and GNSS data.
      • User specified project datum.
      • Generate Georeferenced point clouds in LAS or LiDATA.
      • Fuse RGB imagery with point clouds to create colored 3D models.
      • Compatible with Riegl, Velodyne, and other popular laser scanners.


      A point cloud post-processing software for the LiBackpack series. Process raw data acquired from LiBackpack to generate high accuracy point clouds.

      • Fuse LiBackpack C50 RGB camera data with point cloud for true color 3D data.
      • Georeference point cloud data from LiBackpack DG50 with GNSS trajectory data.
      • Specify coordinate settings for PPK of DG50.
      • Specify Filtering parameters for processing point cloud.


      The forestry module contains tools to process point cloud data acquired from aerial laser scanning (ALS) systems (e.g. LiAir, LiEagle), terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) suystems (e.g. LiBackpack), and mobile laser scanning systems (e.g. LiMobile).



      After processing with LiBackpack Desktop, users can import projects into LiFuser to review and roam the generated point cloud. Registration and alignment of point cloud can be done within LiFuser through manual alignment, Point Pairs based registration, and ICP (Iterative Closest Point) registration.

      • Register point cloud using GCPs.
      • Data cleaning.

      Flight Planning Software


      Mission planning and flight automation (iOS - iPad) application designed for integration of the LiAir and DJI M600 platform. Users can pre-plan missions, manage, and configure LiAir settings from the application. Once on location missions can be executed automatically with a simple tap-to-fly. Monitor progress with real-time tracking and telemetry.

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