Elistair Safe-T 2 Tethered Drone Station
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Elistair Safe-T 2 Tethered Drone Station


    Elistair smart tether system is designed to keep your drone in the air for hours at a time. The tether system is compatible with over 25 drones on the market including the DJI Matrice 300.

    Discover the Safe-T 2, Elistair most advanced and powerful tethering system for use with commercially available drones. Key Features include, IP54 rating, up to 125m / 400 feet of micro-tether, 2 200 watts max continuous power, a fiber optics option, and industry leading weight/power ratio from its patented Dynamic Voltage Optimization (DVO). The Safe-T 2 provides users with unmatched power efficiency and enables safe and persistent flight time for UAVs.

    Smart and Secured The secure Dual-Comms option (Fiber optic and BPL), offers a redundant tethered data link, or the possibility to select which technology is best suited for the aircraft and/or payload. A patented Brake system also allows the user to adapt the maximal tether length, depending on the safety zone needed around the aircraft, for instance in urban or crowded environments. Like its predecessor, the Safe-T 2 integrates Elistair’s live flight management system with T-monitor mobile app offering optimal flight control for safer operations.

    Ready for integration Engineered to meet the most demanding missions with its rugged weather-resistant design, and compact modular metallic structure, the Safe-T 2 offers mounting plates and optional software development kit (SDK) for seamless integration into vehicles and fixed structures whilst also being agile enough for a single operator to deploy. Its interchangeable micro-tethers and smart adaptive winch control laws, allow the operator to reconfigure the station and use the best tether weight/power range for each drone.


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