LiBackPack DGC50 - Mobile Handheld 3D Mapping System
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LiBackPack DGC50 - Mobile Handheld 3D Mapping System

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LiBackpack DGC50

LiBackpack DGC50 LiBackpack DGC50 LiDAR scanning system is the multi-sensor integrated version of the LiBackpack series, including a horizontal and vertical LiDAR sensor, a high-resolution panoramic camera and a precise GNSS module. With integrated SLAM and GNSS navigation technology, it can obtain georeferenced high-resolution panoramic image and high-precision 3D point cloud data even with high accuracy (≤5cm). LiBackpack DGC50 is a powerful tool for powerline inspection, forest management and survey, mining industry, underground space information acquisition, BIM, and so on.

All-environment mapping:
You can capture 3D colored point cloud data and map any environment with a 10 times higher speed. The system has a durable case, a wide scanning angle (0° ~ 360° horizontally, -90° ~ 90° vertically), a 100-m scanning range, and a 2-hr battery life, enabling you to complete projects with higher efficiency and fewer disruptions.

High Precision:
You can capture lidar point cloud data with absolute spatial coordinates in centimeter-level accuracy. The system is equipped with the GVI self-developed versatile navigation solution that integrates GNSS, IMU, and SLAM techniques, ensuring high-precision data collection in environments with/ without GNSS signal.

High-flexibility operation:
You can view collected point cloud data and system status in real time through mobile devices without any cable connections, enabling a one-operator working mode to save labor cost. It can also be mounted on various mobile platforms, e.g., bike, motorcycle, to increase data capturing speed.

Strong post-processing software support:
You can optimize the collected data using the provided LiFuserBP software 3 times faster, which includes functions of closeloop optimization, independent GNSS and SLAM analysis, moving object removal, etc. GVI also provides a self-developed software, LiDAR360 Suite, for post-processing generated point clouds for various application fields, e.g., terrain mapping, powerline inspection, forestry analysis, mining industry, geological hazards analysis.


Dimension(mm): 1010 X 344 X 252
Battery: 5700 mAh
Weight: 10.3 kg
Working hours: ~2 h
Storage: 512G SSD
Port: HDMI, USB, Network
Suitable environment: Indoor and outdoor
Processor: Quad-core eight threads
Control mode:
-Wireless mode: Connect to mobile device by WIFI, for controlling and real-time display.
-Wired mode: Connect to tablet by ethernet cable, to transfer and control data.
Laser Sensor: VLP16*2
Accuracy: ±3 cm
Vertical: FOV -90°~90°
Horizontal: FOV 0°~360°
Measuring range: 100 m
Signal Tracking: GPS: L1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L2P, L5 GLONASS: L1 C/A, L2C, L2P, L3, L5 BeiDou: B1, B2 Accuracy: 1 cm+1 ppm
Resolution: 4320*2160
Frame rate: 25
Relative Accuracy: ≤ 3 cm*
Absolute Accuracy: ≤ 5 cm*
Point cloud format: las, laz, ply, LiData

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