Kick-start a career in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAV) in 8 weeks

Alabama State University (ASU) has partnered with Draganfly to bring you industry leading drone education

Secure a high-paying job in a growing industry

$96BEconomic impact

100,000+ jobsForecasted by 2025

AThe average drone pilot in the United States earns an average of $29 per hour

Start your journey into a growing industry

The drone/UAV industry is experiencing massive demand for skilled pilots across North America. Arm yourself with the skills applicable to various fields: GIS, agriculture, environmental research, drone delivery, digital media production, and more!. The skies are the limit in this fast-growing and exciting industry. The first step to becoming a Drone Pilot is to obtain your FAA Part 107. ASU has partnered with Draganfly Academy to bring you an industry-leading course led by industry professionals that provides you the foundations for a rewarding career. 

Who is this course designed for?

Whether you are studying for art, science, business, engineering, STEM program, or ASU alumni, this course is for everyone. No experience or prerequisites are required to enroll. This program will enable you to add a new and in-demand skill to your degree. 

How does this course work?

Over eight weeks, students will start with an orientation & introduction to UAVs. Progressing towards advanced topics, such as regulations, airspace operations, navigation, and much more. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge and resources to complete your FAA Part 107. 

100% money back guarantee*


The first 25 students that enroll in the course will receive a FREE drone. 


Interactive online learning through our virtual reality platform is the first of its kind. 


This course was designed based on 22 years of UAV industry experienced professionals.

Student Testimonial


Courses starting in February, ONLY 25 spots available - SIGN UP TODAY

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Connect with Candrone

Connect with Candrone

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