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We are drone experts based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We sell drones, fly professionally, build custom solutions, train customers and consult companies for UAV use and SFOC applications.

 If you have any questions or require assistance - please contact us at: 

Phone:  1 888 461 5742

Address: Unit 319 2999 Underhill Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5A 3C2

Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Candrone is the most trusted and experienced drone service providers and resellers in Canada. We have a wide variety of product options, services and training to suit your requirements. Drawing on our years of experience in safely providing heavy lift drone aerial cinematography services to the film and television industry, our Custom Aerial Solutions are developed and designed to work together seamlessly. Our innovations are made to save you time and energy, from our portable charging kits to our ground station kits we make it easy for you to produce results without having to worry about the details. We continuously test and create the best available platforms to ensure our clients are always flying the most reliable UAVs in the world. With over 4 years of Transport Canada's "Open Permitted" blanket permits and many hundreds of additional SFOC's we continue to promote safety in the UAV industry by creating robust, reliable, safe and innovative solutions for ourselves and our clients.






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