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Drone Detection and Defense Systems

In an era of advanced technology and unmanned aerial vehicles, ensuring the safety and security of our airspace has become paramount. As drones become more accessible and widely used, the need for effective anti-drone and counter-drone measures has never been greater. That's why we offer state-of-the-art drone detection systems that are here to protect your airspace.

Bluvec technologies provide unparalleled capabilities, the system can identify and track drones and pilots with exceptional accuracy. Their innovative system empowers you to detect, geolocate, and track both the drone and its pilot in real-time using just a single RF and EOR detection technology. 

Experience Unparalleled Drone Detection Capabilities with Bluvec Technologies

With Bluvec Technologies, you gain comprehensive insights into the drone's make, model, and serial number, ensuring unmatched accuracy and control for DJI and non-DJI drones.

Blucase P5000

Portable & lightweight drone detection system

The complete drone detection system that detects, identifies, tracks drones and pilots, and warns about UAV communication links in real-time based on flight status, routes, and distance. With a portable case, touch screen, and 12 hours of battery life, the Blucase P5000 supports the detection of DJI and non-DJI drones and can be set up in the field and operational in less than 3 minutes.

Blusensor Series

Long-range drone detection system

The ultimate long-range drone detection system (Blusensor LV up to 24km). Powered by advanced technology, it delivers quick and accurate alerts of drone threats, with precise geolocation tracking that provides real-time information for both drones and pilots, including drone ID with make, model, and serial number. Whether autonomous or operator controlled, its user-friendly software ensures seamless operation. 

Blucam B100

Image based drone detection system

Blucam B100 is a cutting-edge machine-learning AI camera-based security solution that revolutionizes surveillance technology. With 360° detection and up to 1500 meters of range, including non-operating RF (dark drones), it also includes drone ID identification and geolocation, post-forensic & tracking capabilities, and unparalleled visibility and insights. Powered by RTI technology, the Blucam B100 offers a second layer of defense for drone detection.

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