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DJI Certified Drone Repair Canada


DJI Mavic, Inspire, Phantom, Matrice, Ronin

We are an Official DJI Certified Repair Center that offers competitive rates and a wealth of drone flying and building experience since 2009. 

Fast, courteous, knowledgeable, and affordable!

Assessment is free if repair quote is approved. Otherwise, a $40.00 charge will be issued for repair assessment service.

You can ask us questions regarding your machine and the problems you're having here. We will respond back to you as soon as we can.

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We are ranked number 1 DJI repair service center in Canada! We have the highest customer satisfaction and quickest turnaround with the largest amount of stocked parts. We will quickly assess your drone and provide a quote for repair (usually within 24 hours of receiving your drone) How we do this? It's simple, by having knowledgeable DJI Certified and trained technicians and a healthy stock of parts.

We stock a wide variety of repair parts including but not limited to, Mavic, Phantom, Inspire and Ronin. Please see list below.

We accept walk in repairs and drones shipped in.  If shipping, please pack and ship only your drone (with battery and propellers and remote control) into us using a standard shipping box. We don't need any accessories. For example, chargers, cables, ND filters.

If you send your drone in a hard case or oversized case you may be subject to additional shipping costs. Please note a $20.00 flat rate for shipping all repairs will be applied upon invoicing. 

We do not fix water damage.

*Please note: Some Phantom 1, 2, 3, 4 series parts have been discontinued.

By purchasing drone repair services you are agreeing to the terms of service below.

Terms of Service

The Repair Service is non-refundable if the customer chooses not to replace the parts needed after the repair has started. Any modified remotes will not be used for our test flights. Customer has 14 Day window to pay after that, $3 / day storage fee applies; Candrone offers a 30 Day guarantee on the components repaired, without crashes. Once a repaired product is shipped back and received by the customer, all claims must be made within 30 days of receiving the item. Original DJI warranty may be void after repair work. Candrone cannot be held responsible for any future issues or parts that may fail.

By purchasing this repair service, you agree to these terms.

Parts List


Mavic Pro Gimbal & Camera(GKAS)

Mavic Gimbal Vibration Absorbing Board

Mavic Back Right Motor Arm

Mavic Back Left Motor Arm

Mavic Pro Front Right Motor Arm

Mavic Pro Front Left Motor Arm

Mavic Fan

Mavic Front Vision

Mavic Pro Bottom Shell

Mavic Aircarft Frame Flexible Flat Cable

Mavic WIFI Board

Mavic Pro Core Board A

Mavic Compass Board

Mavic Power Board

Mavic Flight Controller ESC Board

Mavic GPS Module

Mavic Upper Shell

Mavic Middle Frame

Inspire 2

Inspire 2 NO.24 Main Controller

Inspire 2 NO.23 Vibration Absorbing Board

Inspire 2 NO.22 Propeller Mounting Plate(2 pcs Right & 2 pcs Left)

Inspire 2 NO.21 Cable Cover

Inspire 2 NO.20 Landing Gear Antenna Cover - 4 pcs

Inspire 2 NO.19 Middle Frame

Inspire 2 NO.18 Upper Shell

Inspire 2 NO.17 Battery Compartment

Inspire 2 NO.16 Bottom Shell

Inspire 2 NO.15 Forward Vision

Inspire 2 NO.14 Landing Gear - 1 pc

Inspire 2 NO.13 FPV Gimbal Camera

Inspire 2 NO.12 Antenna Board- 4 pcs

Inspire 2 NO.11 GPS Cover

Inspire 2 NO.10 Landing Gear Mounting piece

Inspire 2 NO.9 Central Board

Inspire 2 NO.8 Right Arm

Inspire 2 NO.7 Left Arm

Inspire 2 NO.6 Propulsion ESC -1 pcs

Inspire 2 NO.5 GPS Module

Inspire 2 NO.4 3512 Motor CW

Inspire 2 NO.3 3512 Motor CCW

Inspire 2 NO.2 Auxiliary Arm-2 pcs

Inspire 2 NO.1 Aircraft Nose Cover

Phantom 4 Pro

P4P NO.18 Rearward Vision Module

P4P NO.17 Forward Vision Module

P4P NO.16 Flat Cable & Cable

P4P NO.15 3-in-1 Board Module

P4P NO.14 LED Cover (4 pcs)

P4P NO.13 Right ESC Board

P4P NO.12 Left ESC Board

P4P NO.11 Main Controller

P4P NO.10 LED (4 pcs)

P4P NO.9 Gimbal Vibration Absorbing Board Kit

P4P NO.8 Ultrasonic Sensor Module

P4P NO.7 Middle Shell

P4P NO.6 Upper Shell

P4P NO.5 Left & Right Landing Gear

P4P NO.4 Quick Release Propeller Mounting Plates (2CCW & 2CW)

P4P NO.3 Sub G Antenna

P4P NO.2 Power Interface Module

P4P NO.1 GPS Module

Phantom 4 Pro Gimbal Camera

Inspire 1

Inspire 1 PART 23 aircraft body screw kit

Inspire 1 PART 22 2.4G single frequency antenna

Inspire 1 PART 21 5.8G &2.4G dual band ATN

Inspire 1 PART20 remote controller HD video downlink

Inspire 1 Pro motor+ESC (CCW:M1,M3)

Inspire 1 Pro motor+ESC (M2,M4)

Inspire 1 Pro motor (CCW:M1,M3)

Inspire 1 Pro motor (CW:M2,M4)

Inspire 1 PART12 Sticker

Inspire 1 PART11 auxiliary left arm component

Inspire 1 PART10 auxiliary right arm component

Inspire 1 PART9 landing gear

Inspire 1 PART8 main board & battery bracket component

Inspire 1 PART7 Aircraft taillight(LED)

Inspire 1 PART6 GPS

Inspire 1 PART3 center frame bracket

Inspire 1 PART2 center frame component

Inspire 1 PART1 Ncore component

Inspire 1 pro landing gear support Extension(pad set)

Zenmuse X5 vibration damping plate

Inspire 1 Part 51 TB48 Battery Insulation Sticker

Inspire 1 Part 50 TB47 Battery Insulation Sticker

Part 49 Gimbal Connection Gasket

Inspire 1 Part48 Taillight Cover

Inspire 1 Part47 Bottom GPS Cover

Inspire 1 Part46 Airframe Tag

Inspire 1 Part45 Mobile Device Holder

Part43 Left&Right Cable Clamp

Inspire 1 Part42 Inspire 1 Gimbal Rubber Dampers & U-EVA Sticker for

Inspire 1 Part41 Gimbal Mount & Mounting Plate

Inspire 1 Part39 Vision Positioning Module

Inspire 1 Part37 Airframe Bottom Cover

Inspire 1 Part36 Battery Compartment

Inspire 1 Part34 Remote Controller Cable Kit

nspire 1 Part33 Left & Right Arm Supports

Inspire 1 Part 32 Aircraft Nose Cover

Inspire 1 Part 31 Airframe Top Cover

Inspire 1 Part30 Fast-mounting Gimbal Port PCBA

Inspire 1 Propeller Lock

Insprie 1 Fast-mounting Gimbal Port Cable

Inspire 1 Gimbal Cover

nspire 1 left arm component(large plaid)

Inspire 1 right arm component(large plaid)

Phantom 4

Phantom 4 Part 45 ESC Central Board (Right)

Phantom 4 Part 44 ESC central board (Left)

Phantom 4 Part 48 Main Controller Single Unit

Phantom 4 Part 41 LED Single Unit (10pcs)

Phantom 4 Part33 Screw Set

Phantom 4 Gimbal Damping Board Set

Phantom 4 Part 27-2 Middle Shell

Phantom 4 Part 27-1 Top Shell

Phantom 4 Part 26 Left & Right Landing Gear

Phantom 4 9450S Quick-release Propeller CW Propeller Base

Phantom 4 9450S Quick-Release Propeller CCW Propeller Base

Phantom 4 2312S Motor Single Unit

Phantom 4 Part 52 3-in-1 Board Module

Phantom 4 Part 51 Forward Vision Module

Phantom 4 Part 50 Flat Cable & Cable

Phantom 4 Part 49 LED Light Cover

P4 Part 36 Flexible Gimbal Flat Cable

P4 Part 35 Gimbal Lock

Phantom 4 Part 32 Gimbal Vibration Damping Kit

Phantom 4 Part 31 Mobile Device Holder

Phantom 4 Part 28 Downward Vision Module

Phantom 4 Part 3 Aircraft Internal Power Interface Module

Phantom 4 Propeller Guard

Phantom 4 Part 1 GPS Module

Phantom 4 Part 53 Main Controller Vibration Damping Ball & Vibration

Phantom 4 Part 44 ESC central board(left)

Phantom 3

Phantom 3 Video Processing Circuit board

Phantom 3 Part 3 Main Controller Board

Phantom 3 Bottom Shell

Phantom 3 Top Shell

Phantom 3 Part 97 2.4G Antenna(Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 96 ESC Center Board & MC V2 (Pro/Adv/Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 69 Receiver Antenna 5.8G(Sta)(2pcs)

Phantom 3 Part 67 GPS Module(Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 95 2312 A Motor (CW)(Pro/Adv/Sta) Adapt to P3 Part

Phantom 3 Part 94 2312 A Motor (CCW)(Pro/Adv/Sta) Adapt to P3 Part

Phantom 3 Part 84 Gimbal Lock (Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 83 Camera Vibration Absorbing Board (Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 81 Cable Set (Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 80 Mobile Device Holder (Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 76 ESC Center Board & MC & Receiver 5.8G(Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 72 Shell(Includes Top & Bottom Covers)(Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 71 Landing Gear(Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 54 HDMI Output Module (Pro/Adv)

Phantom 3 Part49 Flexible Gimbal Flat Cable

Phantom 3 Part 47 USB Port Cable

Phantom 3 Part 44 Gimbal Lock

Phantom 3 Part 43 Sticker Set

Phantom 3 Part 42 Cable Set

Phantom 3 Part 41 Screw Set

Phantom 3 Part 40 Vibration Absorbing Rubber Ball

Phantom 3 Part 39 Camera Vibration Absorbing Ball

Phantom 3 Part 38 Mobile Device Holder

Phantom 3 Part 37 Vision Positioning Module & OFDM Module (Pro/Adv)

Phantom 3 Part 36 Vision Positioning Module (Pro/Adv)

Phantom 3 Part 35 OFDM Receiver Module (Pro/Adv)

Phantom 3 Part 33 ESC Center Board & MC (Pro/Adv)

Phantom 3 Part 29 Landing Gear

Phantom 3 Part 11 Compass

Phantom 3 Part 8 2312 Motor (CW)

Phantom 3 Part 7 2312 Motor (CCW)

Phantom 3 Part 4 Aircraft Power Port Module

Phantom 3 Part 3 Antenna (4pcs)

Phantom 3 Part 1 GPS Module

Phantom 3 Part 85 Flexible Gimbal Flat Cable(Sta)

Phantom 3 Part 117 Gimbal anti-shedding

Phantom 3 Camera Ultra Violet Filter Lens Set (UV) (pro/adv) Adapt to P3

Spark Gimbal Vibration Absorbing Board (Metal)

Spark 4.7-inch Quick-release Folding Propeller Spring

Spark Front Right and Rear Left LED Cover Mounts

Spark LED Cover Module

Spark Front Left and Rear Right LED Cover Mounts

Spark Gimbal Vibration Absorbing Board (Plastic)

Spark 4.7-inch Quick-release Folding Propeller Mounting Piece (CW)

Spark 4.7-inch Quick-release Folding Propeller Mounting Piece (CCW)

Spark Motor

Spark ESC Board

Spark 3D Sensor System

Spark Middle Frame Semi-finished Product Module

Spark Middle Frame Semi-finished Product Module (Excluding ESC

Spark Upper Aircraft Cover (Yellow)

Spark Upper Aircraft Cover (Green)

Spark Upper Aircraft Cover (Blue)

Spark Upper Aircraft Cover (Red)

Spark Upper Aircraft Cover (White)



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