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Heli Video Pros has some of the most extensive experience building, using and training with UAVs in Canada, and that means we are very sought after for advice on drones and their commercial applications

Commercial UAV Solutions

UAV  Consulting Services 

We provide UAV consulting services for a wide range of business and industrial applications including:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Geo Surveying
  • Power Utilities Inspection
  • Forestry
  • Development and Construction

We can offer companies looking to take advantage of the powerful new capabilities of UAVs and drones with a full range of services to help smoothly and efficiently integrate this new technology into their business operations including:

  • UAV Design and Sensor Integration
  • Leasing, Fleet Management and Outsourcing
  • SFOC Permitting and Regulatory Advice
  • Training and Education of the workforce
  • Maintenance and Ongoing Support
  • UAV Insurance Advice

     Contact us at info@helivideopros.com for more information


    SFOC Consulting: UAV Regulations and Permits

    UAV  Consulting Services 

    Understanding and navigating the complex process of acquiring the necessary permits, documentation and insurance for operating UAVs and drones can be overwhelming. We also provide advice to enterprises, businesses and institutions needing assistance with the regulatory and administrative aspects of beginning to use drones:

    • SFOC Permit Applications
    • UAV Insurance Advice
    • Logbooks and Maintenance Documentation
    • Airspace and Flight Regulations

     Contact us at info@helivideopros.com for more information




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