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Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir 250

Green Valley LiDAR - LiAir 250

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Green Valley LiAir 250

LiAir 250 can generate up to five data points per laser pulse from its Reigl miniVUX-1 sensor. That plus its ability to detect targets up to 250 meters away make the LiAir 250 a well-qualified choice for mapping terrain features beneath forest canopy. It is also our go-to system for power line corridor mapping as well as the superior choice for a wide variety of asset management and inspection applications. An optional high definition digital camera module is available for those seeking to produce true color 3D point clouds.

Acquisition & GNSS/INS Post-Processing Software LiNav is a GNSS/INS post-processing module integrated in our acquisition software, LiAcquire. It provides tools to process GNSS/INS data acquired by the LiAir system and can export centimeter-level position and attitude results for point cloud and image georeferencing. With a one-button process, it provides a system performance report ensuring highly reliable results.

Mission Planning Software LiPlan is a UAV ground station control application developed by GVI specifically for use with the LiAir Series and the DJI M600 Pro

Laser Sensor
Riegl miniVUX-1 UAV
3.8 kg
Range Accuracy
±15 mm
1117*181*197 mm
Maximum Range
3 - 250 m
  Max. Flight Time
21 min
System Relative Accuracy
±3 cm
POS System Performance
Attitude: 0.015° (1σ) Azimuth: 0.08° (1σ)
  Route Planning Software
    Acquisition/PP POS Software
    Vertical FOV
    Horizontal FOV
Onboard Storage
128 GB
Ports Available

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